Acqua delle Langhe

Acqua delle Langhe stems from the strong bond with Langhe, the place where each fragrance was conceived and created. It is a tribute to this extraordinary land, renowned for its wines, the white truffles, the round hazelnuts, the medieval villages and its vineyards on the hills. Acqua delle Langhe is a dream come true in this UNESCO World Heritage site.
Acqua delle Langhe


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The philosophy of Acqua delle Langhe is contained in a few lines: use of fine materials, worked with artisanal methods that require slow times, patient care and absolute and continuous attention. The perfumes and the product image are studied in La Morra, a village in the heart of the Langhe, while all the processing phases take place in the small laboratory on the outskirts of Milan, where skilled and expert hands work to create each fragrance in a perfect balance between evanescence and persistence. Acqua delle Langhe perfumes are unique and exclusive creations that arouse emotions and evoke memories. Nothing is left to chance except the flow of suggestions that each essence can awaken in a completely sudden and different way in each of us. The founder tells us more about himself: “On the threshold of 50, in a particular moment of my life, while I was walking among the rows of vineyards, in the places of my childhood, absorbed in the thoughts and smells that I breathed, I felt strongly the desire to give shape to the dream kept too long in a drawer, to create my perfumes. Since I was a child, I was intrigued by the smells, I still jealously keep the first bottle of perfume bought with my savings at the age of just ten years. Perfumes are powerful olfactory signals that awaken memories and emotions. In me there has always been a predisposition to recognize them, to pay attention to them, training and honing my nose. Each creation is born from an intuition, from an attitude. With the same dedication and commitment to the work that was transmitted to me, in the land where I grew up and where I took root, I made my products."