Anna Paghera

Anna Paghera's fragrances are actual remedies to improve your mood. Made from natural and strictly certified raw materials, in full respect of nature and traditions, the exclusive collections of fragrances for both your home and yourself break the boundary between aromatherapy and personal use, opening a new olfactory horizon for you to enjoy.
Anna Paghera


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Anna Paghera is a brand totally linked to the founder's history. Anna grew up in a house surrounded by greenery as a must. Even the Paghera surname, in the ancient local language, refers to the concept of evergreen trees. Thanks to this heritage, Anna Paghera combined her innate sense of beauty with a unique style. Of course naturalness, aesthetic sensibility and classicism are the main features of the brand, for an eco-green-chic vision of its products. During her career Anna Paghera has been able to enrich her professional baggage with great benefits for her product lines. Nevertheless her first master was his father, who was able to convey love to plants. Anna learned from him how to draw from that olfactory vocabulary that nature could offer her. He had hectares of plants, so she could study its individual qualities and create its own olfactory memory. From all that was born the exclusive collections of perfumes for the environment. Each fragrance is made from natural raw materials and strictly certified: «Every fragrance tells a story: what each of you will want to find within itself». Diffusers and fragrances for environments, essential oils and eau de toilette are all formulated as ancient potions. Each perfume evokes unique and positive feelings, which help to maintain optimism and care. But above all, to educate you for goodness.