BDK Parfums Paris is an independent artistic perfumery house, based in Paris. The brand's ambition is to best describe stories, words and movements through suggestive scents and the best raw materials. For this reason, anyone can find their own “personalized accessory” in the BDK selection, for a unique and inimitable touch of pure class.


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BDK Parfums Paris is the artistic perfumery brand that remains jealously independent. This in order to concentrate all the efforts in just one inspiration. The Parisian maison cares about every detail. All the products make available a description of reality through the best fragrances. High-quality materials are combined with extreme prudence. All of this is the search for perfection. Daily actions and movements are set in their specialty with extreme harmony, then in a better fragrance picture. That's why all BDK Parfums Paris perfumes are a source of inspiration, as well as a touch of style. Fantasy and reality can meet halfway. An example is Bouquet De Hongrie. This floral fragrance is the perfect place to meet everyday life and dream. The flowers combine with musk notes, creating a tribute to Austro-Hungarian origins by Edith Benedek. She spread, throughout the twentieth century in Paris, the cult of artistic perfumery. This inspirational event recalls the stereotypes that are common in today's society. The elegance of the business-woman made special from a trail of romance is the subject in question. But many others might be the examples. Another one is Pas Ce Soir. Sensuality is painted with persistent odors, and together they make up a very fashionable freshness. Modern spices and flowers inebriate the most demanding noses thanks to the absolute jasmine. Even quince apples make an important contribution to the halo that the wake of this fragrance leaves behind. Think of your best time, frame it in a typical square and then choose the scent that best describes it. The catalog is made of genuine elixir of everyday life, made special by a unique scent.