Bjork & Berries

Björk & Berries is a botanical perfume and cosmetic brand that captures the beauty and benefits of unspoiled Swedish nature. Simplicity is the basis of all their research: few ingredients, at least 95% natural, rich in vitamins, omega acids and essential oils. Effectiveness and nature for an "eco-luxury" skincare!
Bjork & Berries


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Björk & Berries started as a small project in the deep forests of northern Sweden. Combining centuries-old Swedish natural beauty traditions with advanced technology the brand created highly effective modern beauty products. The secrets of formulas are hold in the properties of the local flora, with wild herbs, plants and berries and their incredible qualities. A Björk & Berries’ mission is to preserve these Swedish beauty traditions and share them with the world: to succeed it, a team of skin experts and cosmetic formulators daily work closely with botanists. The aim? Guarantee beauty and skincare treatments every day preferable and artisanal fragrances. Ecoluxury philosophy, with both high quality products and eco sustainability, is a driving force of Björk & Berries. Every formula is designed to deliver the maximum beauty benefits with the minimal amount of ingredients. Only in this way it’s possible skincare can become a daily therapy without weighing the skin down. So, Björk & Berries’ goal is to foster a sustainable local environment while guaranteeing high quality products. This is the reason why ingredients are hand-picked and the brand decided to support and work with local entity. The Birch is one of the most esteemed members of the deep Swedish flora. From centuries this plant is used both for medical and beauty purposes and, for this reason, is known as the life-giving tree. From Birch Björk & Berries mainly produces essential extracts, which merge together to the effect of vitamins and fatty omega acids in many products. In addition, the ingredients are certificates organic up to 75% and the percentage of parabens and artificial silicones is minimized. So, the role of scientific research is also central because effective new ingredients and unique blends can be discovered every day. And of course, also the packaging is environmentally friendly!