Botanicae is a company that promotes access to artistic perfumery in a sustainable way, without large, impersonal marketing campaigns. Founded in 2012, Botanicae was born from a long experience with historical companies in the Middle East and chose to produce fragrances in a sustainable and humane way. Today, the Maison tells its stories through fragrances made to keep surprising you.

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Botanicae Perfumes: An Odyssey of Fragrances

A true Odyssey inside a bottle: Botanicae is the transition to the kingdom of artistic perfumery, a world of pure experiences, free of spectacular marketing campaigns, the super glitzy packaging and other limitations of ultra-luxury. Botanicae's commitment is resolute: pure quality at a fraction of the price, to give everyone access to the highest art of perfumery.


Historical Exploration

The history of Botanicae has its roots in 2012. After intensive training, destiny led its founders to the heart of the Middle East, a world where fragrances are closely intertwined with culture and each home is permeated with generations of knowledge about the most fragrant ingredients and their harmonious blends.

The Botanicae is a unique blend of fragrances and cultures.

Thus began a long journey of collaborations with local perfume industry greats, between the creation of the most refined fragrances and a thé with the leading personalities of the perfumery world. From the Arab Emirates to Iran, from Saudi Arabia to Oman, from Lebanon to India and from Pakistan to the remotest corners of the Middle East, their journey broadened their horizons to include East Africa and South Asia. This epoch of transformation takes them to different cultures, giving their fragrances that touch only found in the formulas of those who have studied the most ancient traditions of perfumery. Finally, in 2018, this journey came to an end: a journey of enrichment that like all the best ended with the decision to bring home with it a small slice of the wonders explored, to share a new world created by the union of the wisdom of the&strong>traditional perfumery and the efficiency of the modern one.


The Commitment of Botanicae

Botanicae emerged as the embodiment of their experiences, to transform memories of these unforgettable places into fragrances that go beyond the European experience. Using fragrances as their voice, the creators of Botanicae turn their passion into a sustainable, human and authentic enterprise.

The delicacy of Botanicae's creations is woven by skilled hands. Each product is made with care and attention to the smallest detail, by the hands of skilled craftsmen. Each Botanicae is a Unisex, Vegan and Cruelty-free blend, to ensure that everyone can enjoy these unique olfactory pyramids. Their ethos reflects respect for animals, an extension of their devotion to the environment and nature. Botanicae's fragrances transcend gender boundaries, honouring diversity and individuality. Botanicae also simplifies expenses and distribution, ensuring that offerings reach the public without prohibitive costs. Excellence in perfumery should be accessible to all.


A Sustainable Journey

Botanicae promotes a more sustainable world through the careful choice of every ingredient and material. Botanicae promotes reuse and responsibility even in packaging: sustainability reigns supreme at Botanicae, which favours recycled and reusable materials. Botanicae believes that brands can be truly fundamental in the creation of a new cleaner world, and believes that any company worthy of respect must act for the good of the community. This is why Botanicae supports social projects enabling the brand to offer both financial resources and expert knowledge in needy areas. Will you embark on this scented adventure with Botanicae? Experience the symphony of fragrances, stories and engagement in a world of olfactory wonders. The Botanicae journey awaits you!


Botanicae Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Botanicae Tramonte Eau de Parfum: beekeepers delicately harvest honey while bees dance. Italy embraces the traditional crafts that are part of its heritage. As the breeze carries citrus notes, the sun slowly sets over the Campania coast. Tramonte is an intense woody, ambery blend refreshed by sparkling citrus notes.
  • Botanicae Highlands Eau de Parfum: a walk in this land becomes an act of meditation. The landscape is wild and serene, and it has hardened its people. Only those who adapt thrive: Scotland. Enjoy the deeply involving green notes tamed by the delicacy of white flowers and musk with Highlands Eau de Parfum 
  • Botanicae Matin a Mogador Eau de Parfum: medina wakes up with a song. There is still fog. The merchants open their doors after the night, while the fishermen return from the sea. The day begins. Balanced oriental spices, nutmeg and vanilla over violet sweeten the composition of Matin a Mogador Eau de Parfum with citrus accords
  • Botanicae Epoque Eau de Parfum: to enter was to be transported to another era. Hundreds of lovingly preserved objects, with no other purpose than to remind the young of the value of their past. Epoque Eau de Parfum is a composition from another era. Accords of classic notes are reinterpreted with a modern, fruity touch.
  • Botanicae Shomal Eau de Parfum: at every stop, we find a warm smile and curious glances. On the carpets, we enjoy lush greenery, a peaceful landscape and welcoming culture. A fresh head of mandarin and hyacinth gives way to the iris and then ends with the strength of amber and musk. Discover Shomal Eau de Parfum.


Botanicae Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Botanicae En Route Eau de Parfum: “This fragrance is an explosion of joy and vitality. The fresh, fruity notes immediately won me over. The aroma is vibrant and persistent, without being overpowering, and I like how it suits both summer and cooler days. The bouquet is exquisite and very impressive! ” Alfredo
  • Botanicae Euria Eau de Toilette: “I found in "Euria" a sophisticated and intriguing fragrance. Woody and floral notes blend beautifully, creating an enveloping and refined scent, made more jaunty by fruit and caramel. The duration is surprising, and even after several hours, the fragrance retains its presence. I recommend it to those looking for an elegant and versatile fragrance, suitable for any occasion.
  • Botanicae Stereo Eau de Toilette: “Wow. WOW. the first time I smelled it I felt like I was enveloped in a dream, a cloud of sweet, tropical scents that made me daydream. Today I am buying my third bottle, and I couldn't be happier! ” Boris
  • Botanicae Onda Eau de Toilette: “A true hymn to freshness and vitality. Aromatic and citrus notes combine in an energising mix that evokes the atmosphere of Provence. The woods are rich, and perfectly balance the lightness of the opening. I like to wear it during summer days when I am looking for a fragrance that makes me feel on holiday but I don't want a marine. The persistence is excellent, and even after a long day the fragrance is still noticeable.”
  • Botanicae Petit Eau de Toilette: “With Petit, I found a sweet and delicate fragrance, perfect for those who like light but distinctive scents. The lime and the floral and musky notes harmonise in a balanced way, creating a joyful and lively atmosphere. I like to use it during spring days when I want a fragrance that suits the lightness of the season.


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