CBN secures the firmness of your skin and face, relying on high technology and the research of Swiss laboratories to offer you only the best. The anti-aging action is guaranteed thanks to the plant germ cells present in many CBN products. Through them the dermis is rejuvenated and its cells are reformed in a completely natural way.


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CBN's products are constantly developed. Every day the attention of the major exponents of the world skincare is attracted and increased by these formulas. Cristina Radu, head of the best-known faces in Beverly Hills, has made CBN creams one of the most sought-after brands in Hollywood beauty salons. The research of the perfect natural cosmetic is the only goal. Details become fundamental. The absence of parabens is categorical. All articles are non-comedogenic, which therefore do not obstruct the pores. You can also count on active ingredients offprinted from uncontaminated organic cultivations. Tanks to his, CBN obtains only hypoallergenic products. Little daily attentions wrinkled and dehydrated faces can be forgotten. Do not give up on wellness and love for yourself, because your body needs it. Take care of your body in all aspects. With CBN products you do not have to worry about choosing the cream that suits you best. With Age Control Serum, designed for wrinkles not too marked, you can rejuvenate after a few uses, thanks to the strong moisturizing action for dry skin. If you are looking for a cream to protect yourself from the sun in a natural way, the CBN line offers products for all needs. Intensive Bio Germinal Intensive and Bio Germinal Lift Intensive treatments ensure an effective regeneration of mature skin, thanks to the already mentioned germ cells. Photo-induced aging is blocked, thanks to the repair of aged cellular DNA. Science, with its technological advances, is clear. And CBN is its spokesperson. Review the entire catalog and choose the best!