Ciatu is a completely “made in Sicily” brand. The word Ciatu means "breath" in Sicilian dialect, just to represent the breath of this land: in fact, the perfumes, colors and excesses of this beautiful island are all contained in every single product. It’s no surprise, then, that dominant ingredientes are olive oil and Sicilian citrus fruits.


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Ciatu is an Italian cosmetics brand that comes from a brilliant idea of ​​Andrea Spatola. In love, like everyone else, of his beautiful Sicily, Spatola decides to pay her the right tribute. Thus, a brand completely made in Sicily was born, which bears a truly evocative name. Ciatu, in Sicilian dialect, means in fact breath and wants to be a taste of the soul of the beautiful Italian island. With the creation of this brand Spatola was determined to promote and enhance all the treasures of his beloved Sicily. A unique cultural and naturalistic heritage, ideal for creating a line of products of absolute quality. In fact, the Ciatu cosmetics are handmade, in an artisanal way, starting from excellent ingredients and raw materials. Starting from olive oil, rich in vitamin A, E and D, with high nourishing and antioxidant power. But there can certainly not be another flower in the cap of the region: the fabulous citrus fruits of Sicily. Oranges and lemons, but also almonds and honey. All natural and organic products grown by farmers masters. This is how Ciatu manages to create a real sensorial journey every time, with each of its products, which contains all the scents and colors of Sicily, its passions and its excesses. With an eye to the protection of resources and the environment, creating refined luxury products and unique elegance. The refined Ciatu collection in fact has a packaging that knows how to amaze and that holds small masterpieces of design with illustrations created exclusively by Sicilian artists. And the accompanying captions are the icing on the cake to make known, even to the most distracted, the magnificence of a special place called Sicily.