Institut Esthederm offers some of the most used personalized treatments in tanning centers. The main achievements of this French institute are the patents for Eau cellulaire, a water that helps to keep cells young, and the UV Incellium patent, capable of stimulating natural self-defense mechanisms to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. Innovation and effectiveness for healthier skin!


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Institut Esthederm offers high-quality skin care products. Make-up removers, serums, creams and masks provide everything you need to keep your skin youthful. Do not worry about UV rays and photo-aging, because they are no longer a problem. Thanks to the extraordinary effectiveness of its solar panels, your skin will rejoice. Institut Esthederm uses a different philosophy that does not treat the skin, but is educated to cure itself. Cellular water, linked to cellular metabolism, is the primordial element responsible for the functionality, health and beauty of our cells and therefore of our skin. Perfectly similar to the skin, it optimizes the metabolism and helps to preserve youth. The mind behind Esthederm's achievements is Jean-Noël Thorel, a French pharmacist and biologist who specializes in cellular matters. Since the seventies Thorel has emerged as a forerunner of many researches on skin bioecology. His mission was to offer the best sun protection. The result is a clear countertrend approach to the most widespread ideas. Esthederm's method is based on the optimization of the tan and the natural protection of the skin, training and stimulating the melanin before exposure to the sun. The cosmetic answers to all your needs are now served on the silver plate. All you need to do is browse the Esthederm catalog and choose the right product for you.