Frapin is a story about perfection. We are not just talking about perfumes, but about a family that has been producing cognac for eight hundred years, making the tasting of flavors a tradition full of passion. Today, to underline the relationship with these extraordinary artisanal productions, Frapin has decided to offer a line of fragrances inspired by its cognacs.


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Frapin is a story of perfection and continous refinement. It is not just about perfumes, but about a family that for eight hundred years produces cognac before fragrances. It is the craftsmanship itself that can describe the brand at best. The care and passion of a lovely family is used every day for methods and choices of flavors. The perfumes are inspired by this centuries-old history of cognac, which fits well into the history of France. The high class art de vivre, typical of France, finds its way out in all its forms. Not just good drinking from across the Alps, but the bearing and style of a nobleman in the specialty of a perfume. As with cognac, the first step is the perfect choice of ingredients. The research for high-quality raw materials takes up most of the time. Even before the methods of extracting essences, the search for an intimate natural quality is configured as the priority. Then, care and wealth can finally intertwines with craftsmanship. Here the experience and the thousand-year-old passion of a family that writes the history of French savoir-faire are brought into play. Year after year, decade after decade, Frapin is a constant. Nobilize yourself with a simple perfume! Choose the best for your lifestyle.