Gabriella Chieffo

Gabriella Chieffo is the nose who was able to give life to the Chieffo collections, creations that guide those who try them to immerse themselves directly in the maze of their own memory, through a deep introspection to develop a unique and evocative olfactory path. The line offers fragrances for both the person and the environment, and even body care products.
Gabriella Chieffo


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Gabriella Chieffo is an Italian perfumery brand like few we can find it today. Absolutely particular fragrances that fully reflect the whole essence and being of their nose-creator. A free spirit, who does not like to follow the canonical rules, a rebellious soul that always moves in countertendency. A woman who has made her life experiences the basis for her amazing olfactory paths. Here then, from a life made of art, design and engineering, aromas are created that perfectly express its true inner hole, an inseparable link between art, environment and pure energy. Gabriella Chieffo fragrances are able to dig inside us, draw on the memory and bring out the most authentic part that we keep hidden. And in fact, the '14 Collection is the search for lost time, a journey that manifests itself through unique olfactory plots. These wind through their ability to become epiphanies, revelations of what we have experienced in our past. In 2015, however, are creations like Acquasala and Variazione di Ragù: the search for the deep ego. Both know how to turn aside the emotional heritage rooted in each of us. And then there are the fragrances that praise the absolute femininity, like those born and gathered in the Collection '16. And finally, the olfactory path evolves further in 2017 and 2018 with fragrances to be discovered, just like Quasicielo ... Gabriella Chieffo, however, has been able to give its olfactory line an even more distinctive trait. Here then are the fragrances for the environment, born from the desire to create precious fragrances that were also beautiful design objects for the home. And to try is also the whole body care line, which stands out for its packaging design. In fact, the packages reproduce stylized houses with surprising colors. But the real strength of the body care line is the soft and silky texture and the unique fragrances, just like the perfumes of the maison!