Gamila Secret

Gamila Secret offers completely natural products for body care, thanks to the enormous potential of its ingredients. The brand name refers to Gamila, a young girl from Galilee, who decided to divulge her secrets handed down to him by her grandmother. Each blend has been perfected by decades of research and uses only natural ingredients from its territory, rigorously selected by hand.
Gamila Secret


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Gamila Secret uses only the best ingredients of their land. They are all selected and picked by hand in Galilee, in order to give to aach production a step up. The finishing takes place in the place of culture, in order to preserve the secrets of the preparation, offering only the best of the experience and local ingredients. The products are born to treat skin abnormalities and energize cellular respiration. The hydro-lipid balances are restored and every day you can count on a respect for your skin in every facet. You can try Spearmint Sparkle Cleansing Bar, a soap that cleanses your skin and stimulates its ability to self-regenerate. It is also one of the best ways to hydrate sensitive skin. Wild Rose Face Oil insted is a facial oil, which with a single treatment can already meet all the needs of mature skin. Whatever you need, Gamila Secret has the right product for you... 100% natural! Trust those who have spent their whole life looking for the perfect formula, and then spread it. The immense treasure of the old Gamila is now available. Everything comes from the study of nature, intended as the guardian of many secrets. Galilee, in northern Israel, is the home of ancient trees and plants and herbs. The path of Gamila begins in these lands, which remains attached to the territory following the tradition. The artisanship is always valued and makes each product unique. Tact, taste and smell are the main components of the work. The highest quality is the every day target for this brand. The basic mission is to guarantee the right to have a healthy and soft skin for everyone, preserving the right balance. Pamper your skin with Gamila Secret. Check all the catalog and choose the best product for your needs!