Hanz de Fuko

Hanz de Fuko is the Californian brand for all men who care about their hair and who are looking for the highest quality and products rich in natural extracts and certified organic ingredients. Each product seems to feed both body and soul and is created with a deep attention to the ingredients and with the advice and supervision of the best Californian hair-stylists.
Hanz de Fuko


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Hanz de Fuko is an exclusive brand for men’s haircare created by Christopher Zent and David Alphonso. The co-founders aim to respond to the expressive needs of the modern male, gaining the inspiration from their roots: Venice, California. Hanz de Fuko tells the story of a deep passion for creative individualism, self-confidence and the ability to reinvent yourself in a never-ending dialogue with the world around you. If you look good, you feel good. Every product feeds your body as well as your soul, since it has been designed with a deep focus on natural and organic ingredients and the supervision of the best Californian hairstylists. Fix your hair with Claymation, halfway between a wax and a clay mask, and you will see how simple is to obtain the effect and style you've always wanted! Discover all the grooming products in order to take care of yourself in a simple way and explore the creative resources of your artistic side! Do not have limits in your hair and skin care!