Juliette has a Gun

Juliette has a gun is a line of fragrances created by Romano Ricci for the woman of the 21st century. Unlike the vulnerable and defenseless Shakespearean Juliet, today's woman has one more powerful weapon: her perfume. A weapon that hits more than a gun, through seduction and a persuasion that is sometimes sweet and silent, sometimes sharp and uncontrollable.
Juliette has a Gun


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Juliette has a gun is a weapon of seduction. It fits for all the women accustomed to holding the scepter of power. In a world where conventions have collapsed and the idea of ​​a docile woman has become anachronistic, also the right fragrance plays an essential part for the right deportment. Juliette has a gun is a synonymous of female power. The weapon of seduction has different shades. It can be sweet and silent, or stinging and unpredictable. For each character there is the appropriate fragrance. Vengeance Extreme for example draws its strength thanks to the encounter of patchouli and Bulgarian rose. It is perfect for an impulsive and passionate woman, in fact the scent transpires the air of revenge and disruptive sensuality. If instead you make seduction an art, Romantina gives you that right ineffability for every gesture. A seesaw of emotions between the Platonic romantic and a shouted sensuality. But the most important fragrance of the collection is Not a Perfume. Ambroxane's molecular agreements reflect the mood and personality of those who wear this fragrance. It is ideal if you want to be noticed even when you give just a greeting. Make yourself unreachable and admired thanks to simple moves. They can exudes fashion and sensuality. Juliette has a gun creates the perfect balance between rock & elegance. Lust is rediscovered as much as femininity in the frenzy of contemporary world, enhancing its characteristics at the first impact. Become yourself the symbol of love in every shape and discover all the fragrances created by the talent of Romano Ricci!