Les Arganiers

Les Arganiers focuses on the incredible richness of argan oil, also known as the "Gold of the Desert", capable of defending the beauty of the skin from the attacks of time and external aggressions. A precious rarity that nourishes the skin, giving it a silky shine and revitalizing it to counteract the aging process. Give your body a pamper anti-aging treatment!
Les Arganiers


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Les Arganiers is a line of high-value cosmetics, thanks above all to the basic ingredient: Argan oil. Also called «the desert gold», the oil is a natural cosmetic. It defends the beauty of the skin from the attacks of time and external aggressions. The ingredient extraction is done in Sahara, in the south of Morocco. The argania spinosa can be found only there. From this thousand-year-old endemic plant, women extract Argan oil day by day. They obtain it from its almonds and its berries, and thanks to them the cosmetics get an extra gear. In fact, Les Arganiers is the most reliable brands in developping this precious ingredient. Thanks to its exceptional properties, each cream and treatment is effective and unique in its action. As a side dish, each formula is full of precious and esteemed natural elements, like black soap or rhassoul. Also called ghassoul, this clay is able to cleanse the skin and hair. In fact it is very efficient in absorbing the dirt and freeing the skin from toxins and impurities. Also the effects highlights so much care in the composition of each product. The care in using these rare ingredients seems like that of the Moroccan rituals. This way the sensorial horizons are extended and the Morocco's tradition in handling nature is always rediscovered. The Relax and well-being are things that can not be renounced. Every day you can rediscover your beauty thanks to this catalog of products, thant has effectiveness as a status quo. A small daily gesture like using a cosmetics is now reinvented by Les Arganiers and become a profound experience. The daily commitment with cosmetics takes on added value, giving you that splendor that your body deserves. Choose the best product for your beauty!