Madara brings the ethic and skincare philosophy of the Far North to the world. Over thousands of years, the harsh and cold northern climate has favoured the growth of plants with extraordinary properties. Madara is about caring for your skin according to what you choose to be or become, the values you respect and the world that surrounds you.


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For Nordic peoples, often introverted and lonely, what you have inside has always been more important than appearance. This is why we focus on truly effective ingredients, sincere advertising messages, ecological packaging, care, passion and respect. Because a sincere heart reveals a luminous skin. Over thousands of years our Nordic climate, difficult and cold, has favored the development of plants with extraordinary properties. Those deep roots, the bitter leaves and the gnarled barks, healed wounds and saved lives. These ancient knowledge and the wisdom of survival have passed from mother to daughter, from father to son, and are still in our blood. Now in the 21st century we aim to demonstrate that nature gives us everything we need. We continue to analyze the healing legends thanks to the use of Nordic herbs, supported by professional doctors, and we carry out continuous analyzes in scientific laboratories. We are committed to continuous research to discover what nature still hides from us; the scientific study of each of the ingredients we select is fundamental for the formulation of the final product. It will probably be the scarcity of resources and sunlight that has transformed us into accurate perfectionists, focused on details, on design and above all on quality. What does wealth mean? Wearing an expensive suit? Or dive naked into a lonely forest lake at dawn? It could be both. For us, wealth lies in our wild northern forests and fertile soil. Our cold seas and vast sandy coasts, where you sit and admire the wonder of the Northern lights. Our old wooden country cottages, miles apart. The exceptional nature of the seasons with our golden autumns, crystal clear winters, long springs and painfully short northern summers. The wealth of natural, pure and precious ingredients, rich in excellent properties. All of this is what goes beyond the skin.