Maison Tahite

Maison Tahite is a creative atelier exploring the iconic raw materials of perfumery, seeking original and contemporary expressions. This new project opens with the gourmand family, starting from the charm of vanilla and representing the sensation of coziness and warmth while evoking the dream of exotic paradises.
Maison Tahite


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The main objective of Maison Tahite - Officine Creative Profumi is to present a vision of sustainability, understood as respect, first of all for the environment and for the needs of the consumer: to achieve such thing, Maison Tahité has decided to use, for example, recycled cardboard, vegetable glue and paper made with almond shells. The amber bottles are inspired by the pharmaceutical universe and the golden touch that characterizes the entire range underlines their vision of luxury, without losing sight of sustainability. In addition, inside each package you will find a plantable cardboard: a little thought to make a flower bloom and make a concrete contribution to the enhancement of the planet.