Miller Harris

Miller Harris is both color and life, thanks to its complex perfumes, designed to tell unexpected urban stories. Nature in the city is the main protagonist of his scents. Miller Harris pays homage to her in all its forms by researching the best raw materials and preserving the delicacy of her ingredients. Each fragrance combines Parisian elegance with London's eclectic street styles.
Miller Harris


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Miller Harris is an English perfumery house, born in London to tell urban stories. To do so, it relies on the naturalness of genuine perfumes and fragrances. As a delicate paradox, nature itself is an essential element in the Miller Harris urban perfumery. Woody green notes and delicate floral accents, picked among the best species in the world, are mixed in unique and unconventional creations. All the ingredients of Miller Harris perfumes are carefully selected raw materials, worked with care and passion, to preserve their purity and delicacy. The result can only be a scent of quality and elegance, as the London urban eclecticism. Mille Harris looks for pure and uncontaminated essences to experience in the every-day life of the chaotic city. But research does not always lead to the centers of the capital: Miller Harris perfumers have been able to explore even the most hidden spaces, the most remote areas, the most intimate enclaves of the entire urban landscape. Thus, they have given life to perfumes that are perfect for every social occasion, but which always evoke to your mind faraway places. Here is the white touch of Florentine iris, here is the graceful petal of the French violet, here is the exotic taste of a Tunisian orange flower or the sweet of a Egyptian jasmine ... Miller Harris perfumers have researched and studied innovative ways for a unique idea. This is the profound sense of these London fragrances: recreating a dynamic contrast between nature and the urban environment. Not putting them in opposition but letting the two realities contaminate each other and finally come to a creative cohesion. An attention to nature that is also reflected by the packaging of Miller Harris products, made with sustainable elements, recycled from waste materials (such as yogurt jars), to create bottles and containers with a unique style and to reuse or preserve as a very pleasant memory!