Molinard is a historic brand from Grasse, the French capital of fragrances, which has established itself since 1849 as one of the best on the market. Molinard expresses all the taste and elegance of French perfumery: the brand reinvents itself, seeking the best combinations while respecting the refined perfumery art. Each product is simple and elegant, with attention to detail and created using selected ingredients only.


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Molinard always look for the best combinations of frangrances, all studied with the traditional French methods. Each perfume expresses all the taste and elegance of perfumes from beyond the Alps. Ingredients are carefully selected in the surrounding area. Tuberose, mimosa or jasmine, they all contain the best that a floral breath can bring. Alongside the historical essences, Molinard day by day create modern fragrances in a new packaging, such as fruity vanilla or the brand new Collection Privée. The bottles shows in a bright purple color, in order to refresh image and style of the brand with a more modern identity. Next to the exotic scent of Nirmala EDP, you can also try Vanille, an oriental-style vanilla. Or even Molinard Figue EDP, which contains the whole fig tree from the leaf to the fruit juice. It stands out among the fruity fragrances with a modern accent, always respecting tradition. What makes Molinard an eternal maison are the classical methods, combined with modern inspirations. The most precious olfactory sensations are evoked and recreated thanks to the spirit of quality craftsmanship. Every day Célia Lerouge-Bénard, the general director at the helm of the fifth generation of Molinard's maitre parfumeur, reminds all the staff of the story to be respected to remain a classic. All of this is about a story that starts with the chemist Molinard, who first opens a boutique in Grasse. Already the first productions enchant the most exacting noses in Europe, including Queen Victoria of England, assiduous customer. In 1900 the construction of the headquarters is supported by Gustave Eiffel, who since 1949 has become a perfumery museum for the centenary. The glorious history is still hailed by tourists today, who find in today's perfumes the right evolution of tradition. If you want to breathe the best that history offers you, choose the flavors of a centuries-old craftmanship. Choose the tradition of Molinard!