MUTI is a German cosmetic brand with ultra-advanced formulas. Research and precision are put at the service of cosmetic science to create natural treatments, free of harmful substances for the body. Skin health is the bearer of well-being: do not expose it to environmental stress, UV rays or dehydration, but take care of it with products that have been thoroughly studied!


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MUTI makes research and innovation his own battle horse. Each formula puts itself at the service of cosmetics to get the most out of your body. The skin care goes through small everyday gestures and effective tools. Every cream, serum and catalog treatment follows that rule: It's targeted and efficient on the problem. This is the primary feature of any MUTI product. An example of effectiveness is the Anti-Age Serum MUTI. This serum has an intensive and immediate anti-age effect thanks to phenomenal processing of hyaluronic acid. It supports the structural organisation of the skin and increases its moisture content in the long-term. The elasticity comes out totally renewed and the skin takes on tone and vigor, for a renewed youth. You can also count on a range of sun creams and after sun that do not tame the tan. On the other hand, they make high-level sun protection, which prevents dryness and dehydration. In fact, the antioxidant effect of the E vitamins blocks the free radicals caused by UVA rays. In addition, allantoin supports and stimulates cell renewal, promoting natural body defense. The whole catalog is built on this bottom concept: making every concept in cosmetics ultra-effective. This way you can count on the best creams for the body, face and eyes, as well as lasting effect masks. Each product is categorically devoid of harmful elements. There are no parabens, silicones, mineral oils and paraffins. On this base a beauty sanctuary bearing the name of MUTI erects itself. The foundations are the well of science that is at the base of each formula. Choose the product that's right for you, and solve every need at its best. Small skin problems are resolved, for a newly discovered body and totally renewed.