Panacea is a skincare brand that develops products in Korea, the epicenter of innovation in skincare. Inspired by the Korean beauty routine, Panacea has managed to formulate an essential and effective daily routine, making skincare less complicated and adding small results visible on your face every day. Discover the effectiveness of Korean cosmetics!


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Inspired by the innovation enthralled in Korean beauty, Panacea — which debuts as a pared-down, three-step skin-care line — aims to make beauty accessible to everybody, regardless of gender. Panacea co-founder Terry Lee explained, "We wanted to create a brand aesthetic and identity that speaks to the blurring of gender lines," he says. "For us, gender-neutral simply means inclusivity. We wanted to create…a brand that embraces you, regardless of your gender." Creating a minimalistic skin-care brand was especially important to Lee, as he struggled with cystic skin issues for years and had trouble finding products that actually worked. Though Panacea's debut skin-care collection isn't specifically geared towards those with acne (that could be in the brand's future, though), it's designed to be used by those who have combination skin. The sulfate-free Aegis Daily Facial Cleanser cleans the skins without stripping it, thanks to a formula packed with tons of good-for-your-skin plant extracts, including soothing algae and anti-inflammatory green tea. Then there's the Aegis Daily Facial Moisturizer, which reintroduces hydration without a heavy or greasy feeling with a dose of holy-grail hyaluronic acid; and the final product, the Aegis Daily Facial Sunscreen, which provides broad-spectrum sun protection (SPF 25) in a lightweight, fragrance-free formula that can be worn alone or layered under makeup.