Regenerate nr 5

REGENERATE Enamel Science is the first revolutionary oral hygiene system capable of reversing the erosion process of tooth enamel. The combined action of the Advanced Serum and Advanced Toothpaste regenerates the enamel by 82% after just three days, giving the smile a beautiful and healthy appearance, reversing the erosion process at the base of 80% of dental problems.
Regenerate nr 5


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Regenerate nr 5 is a leading brand in dental protection. Toothpastes and sera in the catalog are the best tools to avoid many of the problems that usually affect teeth. Frequently caries and yellowing cause organizational discomfort, over and above a physical one. You can avoid the dentist in few moves. Make enamel stronger and avoid erosion is a matter of habit. With toothpastes and sera in the catalog, it's just about to replace a bad habit with another very effective one. Advanced Toothpaste is a professional toothpaste with a unique formula. The first studies produced a pasta so powerful that the researchers had to develop another one. In fact, the formula is now water free, in order to prevent the ingredients from coming into the tube already. If not, their vigor would be dispersed in the tube even before use, while now it is all at your disposal. The high content of the ingredients produces a dense formula and rich texture. With clinically proven effects, toothpaste provides a fresh addition of enamel minerals. The teeth come out very well integrated and regenerated at the invisible and initial stages of glaze erosion. Advanced Enamel Serum is instead a serum to be used once a month for three consecutive days. The reinforcing effect improves by 43%, when combined with toothpaste. The tooth regenerates almost all enamel in just three days, even in interdental spaces, thanks to the restoration of mineral content and the enamel microdusture,. Effectiveness is scientifically and clinically proven. Replace a poor toothpaste with one of the best on the market! Brush your teeth as usual, and the other part of the job is on Regenerate nr 5. Well-being guaranteed.