Salentum is an Italian perfumery maison, born in the heart of the Mediterranean and founded by Dr. Massimo Sindaco in 2005. The mission of Salentum is to search for quality raw materials and enhance the Salento area: for this precise reason, the citrus fruits, herbs, and flowers that make this land unique are infused in all the fragrances!


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Salentum creates unique fragrances since 2005, the year in which its founder decided to embark on a new personal and professional path. Dr. Massimo Sindaco, after many years spent in the cosmetics and wellness sectors and thanks to his pharmaceutical training, decided to create a line of perfumes dedicated to a special land: Salento. Driven by the passion for this place, one of the pulsating hearts of the Mediterranean, Dr. Mayor wanted to give life to a new Italian perfumery house, which could enhance and spread the scents of this land. All Salentum fragrances are created from Italian and local raw materials: citrus fruits, figs, and other fruits, herbs and flowers from Salento are the basis of every perfume of the maison. And they are all carefully selected to meet the best quality standards, respecting the environment and natural cycles. Only in this way is it possible to always have the best at any time of the year! In short, quality and purity are guaranteed, even by the choice to limit production quantities. In this way, they do not exceed the exploitation of resources and they can concentrate on making the best products. One of the best qualities of Salentum perfumes is to be able to perfectly recreate the scents and emotions that only a magical land like Salento can offer. And if it is true that every fragrance is a small memory of a journey, every time you wear a scent of Salentum or spread it throughout the room, it will seem to return to those places. And to the smells of the olive trees, to the warm red earth, to the sweetness of the figs, to the determined smells of the aromatic herbs that still grow wild!