Salt & Stone

Salt & Stone was born in warm California and offers products of the highest quality, able to protect and restore the natural skin barrier. The brand make in-depth research to find the best natural, organic and cruelty-free ingredients, produced ethically and sustainably. Salt & Stone aims to create high-performance formulations, enclosed in fully recycled, environmentally friendly packaging.
Salt & Stone


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Salt & Stone is a face and body care brand founded in 2017 by Nima Jalali in Los Angeles, California. The sunny city of Hollywood has created a special and high quality line. Thanks to his experience as a professional snowboarder and to his numerous trips, Nima has been able to be in many different climatic environments, which have put a strain on the health of his skin: for this reason he has developed a line that focuses on protecting the skin barrier in a natural way to save it from any harmful atmospheric agents (sun, wind etc.). Salt & Stone invest on a careful research for ingredients, choosing natural, organic, but above all cruelty-free ones. Their mission is to create safe and extremely effective formulations that exceed all expectations. No sense of guilt with Salt & Stone: skin care has never been so green! All product lines are carefully studied, each ingredient is obtained in an ethical and sustainable way, without the use of pesticides. The refined formulations are free of artificial fragrances, sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates and GMOs. Salt & Stone packaging is carefully managed towards the environment: it is entirely recyclable and is produced with post-consumer recycled materials to reduce waste and pollution to the maximum. The brand's conscious approach has managed to encapsulate the effectiveness of the best ingredients and the best performing formulations in an environmentally friendly packaging.