Santi Burgas

Santi Burgas makes each fragrance the expression of a memory, a reconstruction or a free interpretation. Santiago Burgas perfumes are so peculiar, as they are based on nature and the life of insects, with particular regard to the behavior of ants. This translates into a new way of thinking and acting in the field of perfumery with exceptional results.
Santi Burgas


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Santi Burgas makes fragrances which exhibit a recognizable style brand right from the first impact. Anyone who wears it become unique. The quality of each perfume seems an ancient aroma, with a touch of novelty that makes the tradition vigorous. The highest level of each ingredient ensures a breath of harmony to anyone who comes across the scent. Wearing Santi Burgas is easy. It immediately becomes the protagonist with elegance, and then open the doors to any character in search of a unique bearing. The catalog is composed of perfumes with vintage combinations in every detail. The final harmony of flavors highlights the character of Catalonia: a truly surprising rosary of suggestions. Santi Burgas also puts respect for the environment as a priority. Raw materials are eall sustainable and not harmful. The culture of kilometer 0 inspires all the process of extraction. The ISO certificates demonstrate these attentions. Anyone who decides to rely on Santi Burgas makes an excellent choice. The crib of quality emerges from Catalonia and explains to the whole world the indigenous artistic energy. In this catalog it does so in the perfumery field, promising to become soon a classic.