Smith & Cult

Smith & Cult has created a line of bright and original make-up and nail polishes: each color stands out for its shine. All face and eye make-up is distinguished by the same principles: refinement, quality, long-lasting performance and high blendability. Never give up on expressing your style: have fun with Smith & Cult’s variety!
Smith & Cult


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Smith and Cult makes his face cosmetics and manicure a real palette of colors. You can be dazzled by the glow of nail polishes, which make your own make-up drawer light shine. Do not be content to have few of these, but totally modernize yourself with a fresh look every day. A little detail like nails can express a completely different character and attitude. For bold and entertaining characters Smith and Cult is a must have between your own cosmetics. Even facial tricks, often much more sober, are characterized by their robustness. Vigor is a slogan of everything in the catalog. Only among these products you can find the most eye-catching and effective mascara, eye-catching pencil and unique strength, or a color-like lipstick that seems to draw the sunrise to every movement. Leave the mark in every your appearance. Choose who makes the glitter an ultra modern element. Smith and Cult exalts face and hands to showcase every detail of your body in all its brilliance. Rediscovering your fashion has never been so fun. Turn your style into the glitter of a star with thousand gradations. Choose the products suitable for you, and enjoy the new nuances that you could not even imagine before.