Stay Well

Stay Well

European and Korean skincare experts have joined forces to create effective and innovative formulas: that's how Stay Well was born, the perfect Korean Skincare brand for those who love taking care of their skin naturally and sustainably. Its products are based on carefully selected natural ingredients, eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, and affordably priced!

Stay Well
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Korean Cosmetics Stay Well: Love for Skin and Environment at Cheap Prices

The history of Stay Well begins in 2014, the year in which the company was born and enters the K Beauty market as a retailer of Korean Cosmetics in Europe. Years go by and Stay Well perceives a pressing need among its European customers: to find Korean cosmetics that are effective and at the same time respect the environment, remaining - however - at affordable prices. So, in 2020 Stay Well takes courage and decides to propose himself a line of cosmetics that meets this still unfulfilled desire. Thus, the Made in Korea products by Stay Well are born, with eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free formulas developed by European and Korean skincare experts, which fully reach the goal of being effective, environmentally friendly and economical!


Stay Well Philosophy: Korean Skincare Accessible to Everyone, to Feel Good with Yourself and Others

"We want to make the world a better and kinder place – one step at a time." So you read on the official Stay Well website. From this statement we already understand perfectly the attitude of the Korean brand: promoting an idea of skincare that symbolizes self-respect and respect for what surrounds us... in short, a skin care that promotes to "Stay Well", as the name of the brand itself says! This philosophy translates into a meticulous research of top quality ingredients, which are always respectful of the skin, eco-sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free, combined together with extreme knowledge of the material, so that the result is effective and beneficial for us and the environment. All this, always ensuring affordable prices, so that everyone can have access to a quality skincare. 


The Best Stay Well Lines on 50 ml

Stay Well divides its wide range of Korean cosmetics into lines. Here is a list of the best, all on 50 ml: in this way you can get a general idea of what this brand of Korean Skincare has to offer!


  • Vegan Collagen. Pink packaging line, containing cosmetics based on Vegan Collagen, a fantastic ingredient to keep your skin young!
  • Triple Hyaluronic Acid. Here are the products based on Hyaluronic Acid in three different forms, for a boost of hydration, characterized by a blue packaging.
  • Vitamin C+B3. This line all in yellow packaging contains cosmetics based on Vitamin C and B3 (Niacinamide), with illuminating and antioxidant properties.
  • Tea Tree. All the purifying power of the Tea Tree in the line that takes its name and that comes with all blue packs.
  • Aloe Gels. Green packaging line, containing cosmetics based on Aloe Vera, a powerful natural ingredient, with the famous calming properties.
  • Eye Patches. This line includes Stay Well eye patches, effective cosmetics for an intense treatment of the eye area.
  • Hand & Foot Masks. Not only face: Stay Well also thinks about our hands and feet with its line of fabric masks designed to treat these often too neglected parts of the body. 
  • Climate Neutral Face Masks. Minimal environmental impact with the Climate Neutral Face Masks line: these are fabric masks made of biodegradable rayon, with only vegan ingredients. 
  • Animal Face Masks. Also vegan and in biodegradable rayon, the Animal Face Masks stand out from all the others for their cute animal shaped design!


50 ml Recommends: The Best Stay Well Products

Now that you have discovered this fabulous brand of Korean Skincare can not wait to know its best products? Here is a list of Stay Well products that you can’t miss!


  • Stay Well Healing & Purifying Foot Mask Charcoal. Want a cuddle for your poor tired feet? For you there is the Healing & Purifying Foot Mask Charcoal by Stay Well! This fantastic mask is enriched with Coal and Lavender to remove all impurities in depth and give immediate relief to tired skin of the feet. The two-layer super elastic fabric ensures maximum comfort, while the soothing and detoxifying formula purifies, moisturizes and revitalizes your feet. A real spa treatment right at home!
  • Stay Well 98% Aloe Soothing Gel. The Aloe Soothing Gel 98% saves the days of those who have dry and irritated skin: the formulation offers deep hydration and immediate relief to the most dry and itchy skin areas. In addition, this cosmetic is multifunctional: it can be used as a daily moisturizer, as an after-sun or to soothe insect bites and skin irritations on the face and body. A true ally for a happy and healthy!
  • Stay Well Triple Hyaluronic Acid Serum. If your skin is thirsty for hydration, the Triple Hyaluronic Acid Serum from Stay Well is the perfect solution: suitable for all skin types, especially dehydrated and mixed ones, offers long-lasting hydration throughout the day, restores the skin’s water balance, strengthens the natural barrier and gives a fresh and young look. The formula contains hyaluronic acid in three different molecular dimensions, ensuring optimal hydration, and is enriched with amino acids, Aquaxyl and cotton seed extract, which keep the skin fresh, balanced and radiant!
  • Stay Well Exfoliating & Soothing Heel Mask Peppermint & Lime. If your heels need a little love, the Mint and Lime Heel Regenerating Mask is for you! Perfect for treating calluses and removing dry, hard heel skin, this mask offers deep exfoliation, softens the skin and provides intensive hydration. Your feet will be silky smooth, ready to be worn in sandals and flip-flops!
  • Stay Well Vitamin C + B3 Emulsion Cream. The Emulsion Cream with Vitamin C and B3 (niacinamide) restores life to tired and stressed skin with its illuminating, refreshing, moisturizing, protective and smoothing effect. The vitamin C beads containing inside break on the surface of the skin by absorbing deep into the skin and thus giving an antioxidant effect, stimulating the production of collagen and fighting free radicals. Your skin will be visibly brighter and more even!


Stay Well Products: 50 ml Customer Reviews

Our customers left us reviews about the Korean Stay Well cosmetics they used. We have chosen to share them with you to give you as much information as possible and help you choose!


  • Stay Well Vegan Tea Tree Toner. Emanuele, 26 years old: "This face tonic is really a lifesaver for my oily skin! I use it every day and my skin is finally balanced and fresh. Super recommended!"
  • Stay Well Eye Patch Firming Vegan Collagen. Clelia, 37 years old: "Vegan collagen eye patches are a marvel! After each use, the wrinkles under the eyes are visibly reduced. I feel younger and younger!"
  • Stay Well Peach Vegan Sheet Mask. Linda, 41 years old: "I love the Peach Vegan Sheet Mask! It’s like a soft embrace for my dry skin. Peach and oat extracts nourish and brighten the face, leaving it radiant. An experience to try!"
  • Stay Well Exfoliating & Soothing Heel Mask Peppermint & Lime. Silvia, 58 years old: "Every week I give my heels a special cuddle with the Mint Foot Mask from Stay Well. After the application, my skin is soft like velvet! I can’t help it anymore!"
  • Stay Well Vitamin C + B3 Emulsion Cream. Stefania, 29 years old: "For me the moisturizer with Vitamin C and Niacinamide from Stay Well is fabulous. I apply it every morning before the sun and my face is much brighter. I absolutely recommend it."


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