Zarkoperfume creates perfumes that are inspired by Scandinavia. The vastness of the Nordic valleys, with all their suggestions, is transformed into a unique fragrance catalog by following the intent of merging classic French perfumery with rigorous Nordic molecular science. Not much differently from a painting or a musical work, a great perfume is a composition.


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Zarko Perfume creates perfumes that are sketches from Scandinavia. The wilderness of the northern valleys is transformed in a suggestive catalog of modern fragrances. The mountain always produces fantasies to anyone who thinks about them. Feelings, memories and emotions mix up into an equation of passions that cannot be found in any other landscape. Not even close. From these ideas Ahlmann Pablo Zarko conceives the brand with his name on the wall. Zarko Perfume produces art through perfumery, highlighting the emotional details of a pristine landscape. You can try, for example, Oud'ish. Oud is one of the most expensive raw materials. It is even considered as precious as liquid gold, because of the difficulty of extraction. In this scent, soft woods and woodland become luxuriant thanks to its basic ingredient. Another amazing perfume is Inception. The name is of course inspired by the homonymous film. It is formulated in six phases instead of the traditional three. The fragrance seems to be created by a musician just: first the light tones, then the deep notes. This way the sense of smell finds a cloth of well-being. The same warmth enjoyed by the traveler at the shelter. The strangest, by the way, is Ménage à trois. The most forbidden love story consists of three large molecules that become a second skin. Intimate and side-spliting, it runs from innocence to deep intensity. A hiding place and the malice of perversion share the same space. Nevertheless, the artistic games of Zarkoperfume do not end here. Discover the whole catalog and choose the right suggestion for you!