EVY Sunscreen Mousse Spf 50


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Evy Sunscreen Mousse Spf 30 is an excellent sun protection mousse for those with very sensitive skin or who want extra protection for sensitive areas, such as shoulders and face. SPF 50 is equivalent to 98% UV protection. EVY Sunscreen SPF 50 is enriched with vitamin E and C, silk and collagen. This helps to prevent and repair skin damage caused by the sun. All our products are ideal to use on the face as they are smudge-free and do not clog pores.

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The packaging is a little smaller as you need a very small amount of the formulation. Be extra careful when you press the dispenser so you don’t squeeze out too much. SPF 50 is suitable both for adults and for children from 6 months of age.

Additional Information

Product Type Foam
Body Part Body
Concern Very High Protection
Capacity 100 ml
EAN code 5694230167067

Customer Reviews

Best Ever Sunscreen Review by DT
I have been on the eternal search for sunscreen that offers amazing protection while not stinging my eyes, peeling my underlying skincare products, not causing breakout or rashes on my sensitive skin...while not drying me out or making me look like a greasy pig (no offense to pigs). It has been a miserable search costing me a small fortune, skincare issues, pigmentation, allergies to odd smells, embarrassing days of blotchy skincare under my sunscreen, wasted time...until now. Evy SPF 50 mouse addresses all of the items on my sunscreen wish list and more. It is fun to apply! It settles well into the skin. Alas, no new pigmentation! Plump skin! Long lasting protection! It has added skincare that compliments my underlying skincare. I am so thankful to 50 ml for making it available. (Posted on 12/26/2019)

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