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Homoelegans Quality of Flesh


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I like men. I like their brain, I like the quality of their flesh- Francis Bacon Francis Bacon, substance, creation, his being human. The artist's narcissism, his becoming a painter in order to be loved. A tragic dandyism: society's trends and agitated excess. Drunk with the gin of Soho's pubs. A mixture of smoke and grotesque laughters. He oozes art and swallows life. London's streets are damp and dark,
rich of sensations, attractions, tentations. The ferocious excitement of the male body. Muscles, hair, flesh. A brief oblivion that loosens the constant traction of the spirit. A tender and violent love, born from the feebleness of left out men.

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Juniper Berry, Baies Rose, Black Pepper Narcissus, Patchouly, Styrax, Costus Cuir, Civette, Benzoin, Castoreum

Additional Information

Product Type Eau de Parfum
Family Fougère
Gender Men
Capacity 50 ml

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