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Make-up is art and transformation, but also a small gesture of daily care: we have picked out the best niche make-up products to help you create all the looks you want thanks to a wide range of eyeshadows, foundations, mascaras and palettes that are not only incredibly performing but also gentle on both the skin and the eyes. 

Set Descending Direction

Discover our makeup selection: the best tricks to express all your creativity!

The world of makeup has evolved exponentially in recent years: the cosmetic industry now offers an extremely vast range of products, able to meet the most diverse needs. New formulations are continuously developed, increasingly performing and effective, which guarantee maximum creative freedom. From the most classic lipsticks, foundations, blushes, powders, concealers, eyeshadows, and eyeliners, to glosses, highlighters, palettes, and even glitters: makeup can help us create small works of art on our face or, more simply, enhance our natural beauty to confidently face everyday life. In our selection of makeup, you will find a world of possibilities and colors, always with a focus on quality and ingredients.


Some curiosities about decorative cosmetics

To discover the origin of makeup, one must dive far into the waves of time and reach the ancient Egypt: it is indeed around 4000 B.C. that we find the first evidence of the presence of cosmetics and their use. The Egyptians used to paint their faces with colored compact powders and sticks of black kohl (more commonly known as kajal), filling in the eyebrows and outlining the eye rim. The same practice was widespread among the Sumerians.

The Greeks and Romans, later on, continued to use cosmetics, often containing toxic ingredients, such as mercury: ingredients like white lead and red lead were among the most beloved to cover the face and blush the cheeks or lips. Every era developed its own techniques and habits, but makeup was not always considered acceptable: in the 19th century, Queen Victoria prohibited its use, considering it an improper practice, worthy only of prostitutes and actors.

The great explosion of cosmetics occurred after World War II, when the use and production of cosmetics spread widely throughout the West, initiating a process that would explode the cosmetic industry worldwide.


Makeup starts with a good base!

The first golden rule for achieving a well-done and long-lasting makeup is to take care of your skin: well-moisturized skin facilitates the application of any subsequent product. Therefore, choose the facial cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF suitable for your skin type, making sure that their formulation is well absorbed by the face, to avoid oily patches that could interfere with the texture of makeup products such as foundation and powders.

Once you have completed your skincare routine, it's time to prepare your face for foundation: opt for a primer suitable for your skin type (matte if you have oily skin, hydrating if you have dry skin, etc.) and apply it starting from the most problematic areas of your face (e.g., T-zone, cheeks prone to dryness), distributing it evenly. At this point, you can decide whether to proceed with a complete base using foundation, concealer, and powders or opt for a lighter base.


Complete Base: Choosing the Foundation

To choose the right foundation for you, you must first know your skin: do you have dry, oily, or combination skin? What is your undertone: warm, cool, or neutral? Once you have identified the fundamental characteristics of your skin and complexion, you can move on to the next step: carefully read the product's characteristics. It is important, in fact, to identify the desired finish of your foundation: do you prefer a matte or luminous effect? Do you prefer a thick or light texture? It all depends, of course, on your needs and preferences. In general, we recommend preferring lighter textures for the day and heavier and more covering ones for the evening. Also, pay attention to any specific ingredients (e.g., anti-aging agents) that could care for your skin while refining it.

If you are wondering how to choose the color of foundation (compactcream or liquid), here are some tips to avoid mistakes: first, identify your undertone: applying a warm undertone foundation on a cool undertone complexion will make the foundation extremely visible, while the goal should be to create a second skin. Also, test different shades by applying foundation samples not on the neck (which tends to be lighter than the rest of our body!), as has often been suggested in the past, but on the chest and chin/jaw, to find a uniform and well-calibrated color combination. Once applied, set the foundation with a veil of powder or carry blotting sheets to dab any excess sebum throughout the day.


Light Base: Using Concealers

If you don't feel like using foundations or, more simply, prefer to cover only certain specific areas of the face, you can opt for the use of concealers, perhaps in different shades to slightly sculpt the face. Identify the appropriate concealer shade for your complexion and the texture that best suits your skin's needs. Choose a slightly lighter shade for the under-eye area to achieve an illuminating effect, but prefer shades similar to your complexion for the rest of the face. Optionally, use a concealer one or two shades darker than your skin to sculpt the face (e.g., under the cheekbones, on the temples, etc.). Set with a veil of powder to prevent the concealer from moving during the day.

Pro tip: use color correction techniques to counteract redness and skin discolorations, applying correctors of the right complementary tone before proceeding with the corrector or foundation of the appropriate color for your complexion.


Contouring, Blush, and Highlighter

The contouring technique is one of the most powerful tools in decorative cosmetics to visually modify and balance facial shapes. For a light and daily contouring, we recommend choosing a powder that is one or at most two shades darker than your complexion and proceed to define the area immediately below the cheekbone, the temples, and the jawline: use the "three" technique to avoid mistakes! Draw a number 3 starting from the temple, moving into the cheekbone area and then embracing the jaw. Blend well for a natural effect. Choose a cream texture if you prefer an even more "second skin" and slightly luminous result.

After sculpting your face, you can move on to blush: blush is one of the most underestimated cosmetics, which can actually completely change the shape of your face. If applied on the front part of the cheekbone, it will tend to round the face, giving a youthful and plumping effect. On the cheekbone, instead, it will provide a lifting effect, capable of softening the face. Try blending it on the nose as well for a "healthy, sun-kissed face" effect. As always, pay attention to the finish and texture depending on the effect you want to achieve.

To complete your look, highlighter is essential: it will help restore the luminous points and dimensions of your face, slightly flattened by foundation and mattifying powders. Choose a shade suitable for your complexion (e.g., a particularly warm undertone should pay attention to highlighters with pinkish nuances) and the effect you want to achieve (for a delicate "glowy" effect, prefer fine powders with subtle luminous particles, while for a more pronounced effect, it's better to opt for powders with a thicker grain) and proceed to highlight the following areas: the cheekbone area, the eye (in the tear duct area and under the eyebrow), the tip of the nose, and the cupid's bow of the lips. The highlighter will create a pleasant optical effect, enhancing your face.


Eyes and Eyebrows

The best makeup artists in the world will always tell you that the base is the fundamental part of the best makeup ever created, however, it is also true that eye makeup gives us the maximum creative freedom, allowing us to break all the rules and play with the color and textures of eyeshadows. Whether you love powder or cream eyeshadows, whether you are a fan of glitter or colored eyeliners, in our selection, you will find everything you need to express your art. If the eye is the painting, the eyebrows are the frame: don't forget to define them carefully and above all to identify the shape that best enhances your eye (never be swayed by trends! No one will ever forget the 2000s with spaghetti eyebrows...). Finish your makeup with a lengthening or volumizing mascara and you're done!


Lips and Lip Contour

Especially in recent years, lips have been much talked about: voluminous, plumped, and defined, they always want to be the center of attention! Explore the wide range of lipstickslip glosseslip plumpers, and lip liners available in our catalog. For "full lips" effect, define their contour with a pencil similar to your color, extending a few millimeters beyond the natural outline, before applying lipstick. For a plumping effect, you can also choose to add a highlight with a slightly lighter lipstick or a touch of highlighter in the central area of the lips: guaranteed volume effect! Prefer glossy textures to achieve volume, matte ones for defined lips, and creamy ones for daily and comfortable application. Finally, don't miss our selection of long-lasting liquid lipsticks.

At 50 ml, you will find a wide range of makeup products to meet all your creative needs. Lipsticks, foundations, powders, concealers, mascaras, kajal, eyeshadows, makeup kits, perfect as gift ideas, brushes, and much more, all characterized by high-quality ingredients to choose makeup that is not only effective but also gentle on the skin!


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