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Skincare is an art that requires patience: we have selected the best "clean beauty" niche products to help you find the perfect match for your skin. Whether you have dry, normal, oily or sensitive skin, when science and nature combine the results are unbelievable: start building your ideal skincare routine with us!

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How to Find The Perfect Skincare Products for Your Skin Type?

Your face is like your business card, so taking care of it effectively can help us tackle our days with that extra touch of energy that never hurts. Every skin needs suitable skincare products: some may need to resort to an anti-aging face cream, rich and nourishing to fight the first signs of aging, while others may opt for lighter textures for oily or combination skin. And then there are those, desperate for their dry skin, who are looking for an hydrating face cream or serum that can keep their face nourished and radiant.

In short, every skin has its own needs, and experimenting with your skincare routine is the only way to find the winning products. Our selection of facial cosmetics has been carefully chosen to be predominantly "clean beauty": a wide range of effective, clean, and innovative ingredients that will help your skin stay healthy, flawless, and deeply nourished. In our catalog, you'll find moisturizers for dryoily, or combination skin, face masks, cleansers, face serums, face creams for sensitive or acne-prone skin. You'll also find a wide range of beard products and skincare for men.


The Best Face Care Products for Your Skincare Routine

At 50 ml you'll find the best skincare products to take care of your skin every day:


  • Face cleansing products: cleansing balms and oils, milk cleansers, micellar waters, cleansing gels and mousses, face scrubs, and microfiber cloths for face cleansing and makeup removal.
  • Toning lotions: facial toners, gentle essences, refreshing sprays, and thermal waters.
  • Moisturizing products for the skin: day and night face creams for women and men, illuminating face serums, moisturizing masks, and nourishing face oils.
  • Lip and eye contour products: eye contour creams to combat dark circles, puffy eyes and fine lines, intense serums and eye masks, repairing lip balms and oils for soft and healthy lips.
  • Lash and eyebrow serums: for strong, long, and thick lashes and eyebrows.
  • Exfoliating face products: face scrubs and chemical exfoliants for smooth and radiant skin!
  • Skincare sets: perfect for testing a product line or as a gift idea for a dreamy skincare!


What Face Products to Use for Your Skincare Routine?

We're often inclined to think we need all sorts of products to start taking care of our skin: in reality, each face skin has its own needs, and the only way to find the right skincare routine for us is through... patience! Yes, you'll need patience: consider the search for your skincare like a relaxing ritual, a little project you're working on exclusively for yourself!

Start by selecting a few face products: a moisturizer suitable for your skin type (don't try to adapt a dry skin face cream to oily skin!), a good gentle facial cleanser for daily cleansing, optionally a serum, but above all, sunscreen (with at least SPF 15)! Once you've established the foundation of your skincare routine, you can gradually integrate other products, checking each time if they're working for you.

Choosing quality helps: a quality ingredient in small doses and a well-balanced formula, capable of truly absorbing all the active ingredients into our skin, is worth more than hundreds of products. On our website you'll find only carefully selected skincare products made with high-quality ingredients.


Face Cream Moisturizers for Different Skin Types

To have radiant and healthy skin, face cream is crucial for your skincare: here we have some tips to help you choose the right moisturizing face cream based on your skin type:


  • Moisturizing face cream for dry skin: choose a rich, nourishing texture, enriched with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.
  • Moisturizing face cream for oily skin: oily skin also needs hydration! However, opt for face products with lightweight formulations, perhaps in gel form, with mattifying effects. Prefer water-based, non-oily creams, and layer your favorite cream over a lightweight and fresh hydrating serum.
  • Moisturizing face cream for normal or combination skin: look for lightweight textures and create a combo of creams to meet the different needs of your face: opt for a mattifying cream in areas where oily skin is more evident and a more moisturizing cream in drier areas.
  • Moisturizing face cream for sensitive skin: look for moisturizers that explicitly claim to be suitable for the most sensitive skin. Avoid ingredients that could be too aggressive and prefer face creams free of added artificial fragrances.
  • Moisturizing face cream for mature skin: choose nourishing and moisturizing formulations, with antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients. Go for anti-wrinkle creams and anti-spot creams, able to maintain skin tone and reduce signs of aging.


Why Is Cleansing Your Face and Removing Makeup So Important?

Cleansing your face daily and removing makeup residues before going to sleep is a crucial step to achieving your dream skin. Whether you have dry, combination, or oily skin, removing makeup is essential. Cleansing your face helps prevent pore blockage and removes product build-up (moisturizers, sunscreens, foundations, etc.) that, if left on the face, can cause inflammation and acne, as well as collagen degradation leading to loss of tone and formation of wrinkles—first superficially, then more deeply.

If you're a newby start your skincare with gentle cleansing: opt for a lightweight gel or foam before proceeding with other face products. For the more experienced, however, double cleansing is definitely an excellent choice: starting with an oil-based cleanser and then proceeding with a foaming one ensures purified skin, free pores, and deep cleansing of the face.

Take a look at our selection of cleansing skincare products and use filters to find the most suitable product for you!


Skincare Routine: Steps to Keep Your Skin Flawless

Fighting imperfections is perhaps one of the most sought-after goals for anyone venturing into the world of skincare. When it comes to specific issues, like acne, it's always good to consult a dermatologist and avoid DIY: this is both for health reasons (the skin is a very important organ!!) and to achieve better results in a shorter time. However, prevention is important: here are some tips for an imperfection-proof skincare!

  • Dedicate the right time to face cleansing: to keep the skin free from imperfections, it's always good to start with excellent cleansing (preferably double cleansing), morning and evening, preferring gentle cleansers, balanced with your skin (note: you shouldn't strip the skin of its natural barriers, like sebum, which has a very important function of regulating and protecting the epidermis). The goal of cleansing is to keep pores free from cell residues and dirt, avoiding and preventing inflammations. Even oily skin should opt for facial cleansers that are not too aggressive: contrary to popular belief, excessive sebum production must be regulated, not countered, as our skin is just trying to protect itself from external agents!
  • Learn to distinguish the causes of imperfections: have you eaten fried food for three dinners in a row? Or have you suddenly changed some product in your skincare routine that is not reacting well with your skin? The causes of pimples and imperfections can be multiple, and learning to recognize them can help us understand how to intervene. Test a few face products at a time, so you can clearly identify how your skin is reacting. Educate yourself about the best ingredients to use according to your skin type and don't fall for passing trends: the goal should always be to find what really works for your skin and not to chase the latest ingredient pushed on the market. For occasional pimples, it's ideal to use specific anti-pimple face products for localized and targeted application to dry them out, being careful not to rub or squeeze the skin, risking leaving marks and spreading bacteria to other areas of the face.
  • Don't underestimate toner and face serum: after facial cleansing, use a facial toner to rebalance the skin's pH before proceeding with the fundamental step: hydration. Therefore, opt for a hydrating serum, suitable for your needs, and always apply it a few minutes before the moisturizing face cream, to allow the skin to absorb all the products properly.
  • Finish with moisturizer: avoid overly heavy face creams for the day and never forget to finish your skincare routine with sunscreen (in the morning). Choose a broad-spectrum SPF (check out our selection of face sunscreens), preferably mattifying, and reapply it frequently throughout the day.


3 Skincare Brands to Try on 50 ml!

  • Novexpert: the experience of a research laboratory at your service.
  • Mossa: from Latvia with a bang! Excellent quality-price ratio, ideal for approaching "clean" skincare.
  • APOTCARE: the customizable line of men's and women's face products.


 The Best Skincare Brands on 50 ml


The Best Italian Skincare Brands on 50 ml


We've carefully chosen the best skincare products to ensure that every single purchase reflects the quality we believe in. You'll find the best face products for men and women, as well as highly specialized and well-known brands in the field of skincare, such as BakelDermalogica, and Aesop, but also a wide range of top-quality brands, such as BenamorEcooking, and industry giants like Augustinus Bader and Susanne Kaufmann. But that's not all! Discover the whole world of  50 ml: we have lots of body products and niche fragrances waiting for you! With us, you can buy samples of perfumes that intrigue you the most, and become an expert in artistic fragrances and skincare! With every purchase, you're also entitled to free perfume and skincare samples on request! Follow us also on Instagram - @50ml_milanoFacebook - 50ml MilanoYouTube - Profumi di Nicchia e Tik Tok - @50mlmilano!