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Verdant Alchemy Drift Off Bath Oil


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Verdant Alchemy Drift Off Bath Oil is a bath and shower oil. With its signature scent of lavender, mandarin and vetiver essential oils, this oil will transform your sleep. It's perfect for reset your mind and body preparing you for the week ahead. The multi-tasking oil will calm your senses and hydrate skin.

HOW TO USE: For the bath, run a bath and add a capful or two, then watch it disperse into the water. For the shower, shower normally and they add a few drops into the palm of your hands, take a mindful breath and inhale the wonderful scent before applying the oil to your neck and arms.


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KEY INGREDIENTS: Apricot Kernal Oil (a nutrient-rich lightweight oil that will leave your skin moisturised and hydrated); Lavender (a natural relaxant, to calm your mind and aid sleep); Mandarin (a warm, slightly sweet citrus note known to reduce anxiety and promotes sleep); Patchouli (a musky scent, a bit aromatic and green, that uplifts mood and stimulates circulation in a relaxing and comforting way) and Vetiver (a sacred herb with a woody note that is proven to relieve anxiety and promotes relaxation and sleep, a scent with the power to keep you grounded).

Additional Information

Concern Moisturize
Product Type Oil
Body Part All Body
Capacity 140 ml
EAN code 634158904639

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