19-69 represents freedom and nonconformity, evoking different iconic moments of counterculture throughout history. Art, music and cultural diversity leave their mark on every product. Each fragrance is suitable for everyone and allows the individual to explore beauty beyond boundaries. The different colours create a rainbow, symbolizing peace and freedom.
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19-69: The Niche Fragrances of the Counterculture

The luxury cult brand 19-69 was founded by Swedish artist and photographer Johan Bergelin. As a photographer, Bergelin has had the opportunity to travel the world and capture the beauty of the most diverse cultures. These journeys formed him as an artist and as a person, opening his eyes. Johan Bergelin says: “sì, there are a lot of crazy things happening in this world, but I have also discovered what unites people. Very often it's beauty, be it in the form of music, art or perfumes”. With 19-69, the Swedish artist invites people to explore beauty beyond boundariesand see what we can discover about each other.


History of 19-69 Perfumes

"The brand name 19-69 is a powerful statement. 1969 represents an era of freedom, tolerance and counterculture. It is also the birth year of the perfume maison's founder, and symbolises the way in which everyone expresses their diversity. The perfume line is inspired by several iconic counterculture moments throughout history. Art, music and different cultures have left their mark on perfumes in terms of content, names and packaging: the different colours of the bottles symbolise the rainbow, which in 1969 stood for peace and freedom.


Features of 19-69 perfumes

19-69 creates perfumes for men and women: in other words, all 19-69 fragrances are unisex perfumes. Each fragrance is created from the inspiration of a different era, culture or environment in Africa, Europe, the United States and Asia. The glass bottles are painted and screen-printed in Italy. Each 19-69 product is handmade, so any small variations you may notice should be considered part of the character. All the raw materials of 19-69 perfumes are carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality.


Bestseller Products 19-69 Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Chinese Tobacco Eau de ParfumA fragrance that echoes legendary films such as Indochine and Apocalypse Now, recounting the contrasts of Asia. A fragrance where East meets West, spicy, warm and woody with its notes of tobacco, coriander and oud.
  •  Discovery KitThis Discovery Set 19-69 is the perfect kit to discover all the brand's fragrances. This selection contains fragrances inspired by a different era, culture or setting from Africa, Europe, the United States and Asia. All 19-69 fragrances are unisex, inspired by art, music and the counterculture of the era.
  • Chronic Eau de ParfumA’Eau de Parfum is lush, vibrant and green. Notes of bitter grapefruit, cannabis accord and musk celebrate the legal recognition of cannabis cultivation in Southern California during the 1990s
  • Female Christ Eau de ParfumIn 1969, a naked woman carrying a cross walked across the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. The performance act took the name 'Female Christ'. Female Christ by 19-69 is an earthy and woody fragrance, with notes of Patchouli, Rhubarb and Cashmere Wood.
  • Capri Eau de ParfumA manifestation of balance and exuberance, reasoning and passion. The precious scents of Citrus and Sage blend with the typical notes of Hemp Leaves combined with White Rose, Jasmine, Vetiver and Precious Woods to create a magical introspective journey into Nature.


19-69 Perfumes Reviews: See all Reviews

  • Invisible Post Eau de Parfum: “This fragrance has an explosive green and fruity opening. One can smell the leading fig and a citrus note tending towards sweet. The opening is sharp, fresh, energising and then develops into a more variegated fruity scent; Arianna
  • L’Air Barbiss Eau de Parfum: “This perfume lends itself to the winter climate, to wear a somewhat melancholic and original note. It remains a rather harsh and pungent trait reminiscent of asphalt and wet concrete” Marco
  • Rainbow Bar Eau de Parfum: “Wonderful, aromatic, spicy fragrance. After a while a good, delicate vetiver takes over and with time it becomes more woody and spicy”. Azzurra
  • Miami Blue Eau de Parfum“Opens bright, luminous. This 19-69 is scent is an airy mix of notes such as ginger, citrus and aldehydes that I find extremely refreshing. This scent fades slightly as a moist rose ” Alessandra blooms in the heart.
  • Purple Haze Eau de Parfum: “Cannabis quite evident but mixed with other green notes and a hint of citrus. As the minutes pass, the fragrance evolves into Mediterranean aromatic and floral notes. A very good fragrance.” Luca

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