Maison Rebatchi

Maison Rebatchi
Maison Rebatchi perfumes are born from the collaboration with the best olfactory craftsmen: thanks to the careful choice of the highest quality raw materials and the unforgettable artistic design of the bottles, designed by Pierre and Jules Dinand, Maison Rebatchi leaves nothing to chance. This is precisely why each fragrance sets a seal of excellence on the history of this brand.
Maison Rebatchi
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Maison Rebatchi Perfumes

The story of this Maison could have started, like so many others, with "once upon a time there was a perfumer”, or “the son of a perfumer..." but that was not the case at all. The Maison Rebatchi is the fruit of a lifelong dream: that of Mohamed Rebatchi, a young Franco-Algerian who grew up in a working-class suburb north of Paris.


Mohamed Rebatchi and the History of the Brand

Born in Creteil in 1991, Mohamed Rebatchi was not predestined to work in perfumery. The son of Algerian immigrants, with his father a shopkeeper and his mother a personal assistant, Mohamed Rebatchi learnt from an early age the importance of work, generosity and kindness. Thanks to an upbringing steeped in tradition, he acquired a sense of refinement and a taste for simplicity and excellence. Her family regards perfume as the embodiment of bliss, while perfumed clothes and a scented home symbolise luxury.


At 12, he began secretly visiting local perfumeries after school. He was so fascinated by the world of perfumery that he began dreaming of creating his own perfume house. After working several odd jobs, the opportunity finally presented itself. He learned how to create perfumes from perfumers and assessors in small fragrance formulation houses, where he created a few accords. These were appreciated by those around him, which encouraged him to continue realising his dreams.


The adventure took a decisive turn the day he decided to contact Karine Chevallier. This meeting led to two others: first Randa Hammami, who advised him to meet Maurice Roucel, and then Bertrand Duchaufour. With each new collaboration, he continues to surprise those around him, especially with his knowledge of the market. Everyone was unanimous in saying that Mohamed Rebatchi constantly takes a step forward in his creations, thanks to his ideas and infinite research of raw materials and ingredients. This is how Maison Rebatchi was born.


The Noses of the Maison Rebatchi

  • Karine Chevallier, sister of the soul: Excelling in giving movement and colour to the most subtly interwoven olfactory emotions, this artistic perfumer has always been on the same wavelength as Mohamed's innate olfactory gift. Touched by Mohamed Rebatchi's modesty and his unique and sincere approach, Karine Chevallier wanted to recreate this facet of his personality through a fragrance developed on the theme of childhood, as the starting point of his fabulous adventure: Bois d'Enfants Eau de Parfum.
  • Randa Hammami, godmother: Randa Hammami immediately perceived Mohamed Rebatchi's immense desire to learn and create. Immediately bound by a mysterious human and olfactory alchemy, she played the mentor role, introducing him to the closely guarded secrets of haute perfumery. In light of their similar origins and shared olfactory sensibilities, Randa Hammami is rightly the godmother of the Maison Rebatchi. Main Opera: Rose Rebatchi Eau de Parfum 
  • Bertrand Duchaufour, the galvanising artist: Like many other great independent perfumers, Bertrand Duchaufour's approach to fragrance is a genuine reflection of the man himself: spicy and subtly dense. In the eyes of Mohamed Rebatchi, this tireless researcher, constantly searching for new olfactory notes, is the ideal craftsman-smith to create original patchouli. Main Work: Feu Patchouli.
  • Maurice Roucel, the alchemist: Creator of numerous perfumes, some of which have become iconic, Maurice Roucel has a passion for pushing the limits of the senses. Embarking on an exploratory journey with him is no easy task; Main Works: Musc Panache Eau de ParfumJoyeux Osmanthe Eau de Parfum.
  • Aliénor Massenet, rebel in Wonderland: Extremely independent, Aliénor Massenet has found his ideal medium of expression in perfumery. He draws inspiration from his feelings, from an encounter, a book, an exhibition, a trip or simply wandering the streets. His creations are often characterised by a strong contrast and his style is rather abstract and emphasises duality in a single fragrance. Main Work: Cuir Tassili Eau de Parfum.

Maison Rebatchi's philosophy

In creating its first perfumes and candles, the Maison Rebatchi surrounded itself with the greatest perfumers and the best craftsmen in the discipline. From the choice of high-quality raw materials to compose their mixes to the splendid design of the perfume bottles, the creations of the Maison Rebatchi undeniably bear the seal of excellence. For the composition and production of its perfumes, Maison Rebatchi works with the company that supplies the flowers to most perfume makers. It is located in the hills of the French city of Grassethe capital of perfume.


The Artworks: The Maison Rebatchi Perfumes

The perfumes are displayed in artistic bottles designed by Pierre and Jules Dinand. They decided to adorn the bottle with a Mashrabiya motif to underline the creator's origins and the DNA of the French perfume house. The delicate, symbolic and timeless relief petals, engraved on the entire bottle, reflect the light, add rhythm and create an illusion, making the eye unable to follow a specific movement.

Maison Rebatchi Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Maison Rebatchi Ambre Blanc Eau de Parfum: When it comes to the art of perfume, all that matters to Nathalie Feisthaueur is the joy of creation: the concentration of time in a single spark of inspiration for a beautiful House of Perfume. Thus was born Ambre Blanc - a fragrance resolute in its liberation from olfactory preconceptions, where beneath the pure white writing we witness the burning embers of an epic amber. Resolutely modern, ethereal and structured, Ambre Blanc Eau de Parfum fascinates with its luminous joy.
  • Maison Rebatchi Feu Patchouli Eau de Parfum: Let this fragrance set you ablaze with its powerful woody blend of chypre and patchouli. A magnificent, vibrant scent where spices such as clove, cinnamon, black pepper and pink pepper resonate electrifyingly. Feu Patchouli is an intense, dark and mysterious fragrance.
  • Maison Rebatchi Cuir Tassili Eau de Parfum: Inspired by a journey through the Tassili desert in southeastern Algeria, this fragrance celebrates the olfactory memories of that faraway land. Waking up in the morning after a night of sleep in a tent, the smell of preparing Algerian tea and kerbet, and the leather of camel saddles. Cuir Tassili is an invitation to this unforgettable journey.
  • Maison Rebatchi Musc Panache Eau de Parfum: a rich perfume with a remarkable sensual signature. Hidden beneath the contours of a spicy cologne, a heart of iris is delicately unveiled and placed over an overabundance of soft musks. The drydown of Musc Panache Eau de Parfum presents a rather transparent woody base of vetiver and cedar, which blends with an ambery note of vanilla and tonka bean.
    Maison Rebatchi Bois d'Enfants Eau de Parfum: taking a deep breath in the shade of the forest, one feels the salty, spicy freshness of pink pepper essence, emphasised by a touch of rose essence together with May rose absolute. When the wind picks up, a flash of light reveals a note of freesia combined with bergamot. Finally, iris gives way to incense and balsamic fir accents.

Maison Rebatchi Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Maison Rebatchi Joyeux Osmanthe Eau de Parfum: “An explosion of light, clear and bright. Its apparent simplicity conceals a masterly job, with which the perfumer has balanced to perfection a multitude of notes to create a honeyed, fruity (but not cloying!) nectar reminiscent of spring. After a moment, the osmanthus flower emerges sovereignly, calming the previously organised chaos” Luca
  • Maison Rebatchi Jasmin Satin Eau de Parfum: “A nectar of sambac jasmine, sweet and fruity. There’s a coconut accord (light) beached wood and aquatic notes that I assume are the sandy accord mentioned in the description. A very clean, light, sweet, non-indolic jasmine. Perfect for every day” Sara
  • Maison Rebatchi Rose Rebatchi Eau de Parfum: “A light, sweet and airy rose. Hints of fruit, woods, spices (very light!) and musk add complexity. The rose gains intensity over time, and on the skin, it warms sensually. Iris root gives it a delicate powdery scent. All in all it's a delightful fragrance for everyone, discreet, perfect for any occasion when a soft touch is desired.” Renato
  • Maison Rebatchi Musc Panache Eau de Parfum: “Rich, sensual, spicy. Musks and iris complement the spices, the woody base combines with notes of vanilla and creamy tonka. A warm, welcoming fragrance, sensual without being too overpowering. Recommendation” Pedro
  • Maison Rebatchi Bois d'Enfants Eau de Parfum: “A creamy, musky iris is balanced by the sparkle of pepper and bergamot, and completed by a splash of rose. The heart evolves into a green but fruity wood, fading increasingly towards a balsamic, musky wood. The incense note is particular. Very charming and good projection, impressive persistence.” Camilla


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