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Men's fragrances are an olfactory attempt to represent the different shades of masculinity. With our selection, we want to invite every man to take perfume as a game and as an opportunity to explore new smells and discover more about yourself. Discover our men's fragrances and enter the world of artistic perfumery.

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Men's Niche Perfumes

The use of men's fragrances is a practice rooted in ancient history. For millennia, mankind has used fragrances to express his personality, enhance his appeal and create a memorable presence. Today, choosing a men's fragrance has become a sophisticated art, with a wide range of fragrances that reflect the wearer's style and character. In this article, we explore the world of men's perfumes, from their history to the key considerations in choosing the best men's fragrance for you.


A Brief History of Men's Perfumes

The use of perfumes dates back to ancient Egypt, where perfumed oils were used in religious ceremonies and mummification. Over the centuries, the art of perfumery spread throughout the world, from Greece to India, China and beyond. During the European Renaissance, perfumes became popular among the nobility and the high class, and perfume houses began to flourish.

In the 20th century, the perfume industry experienced tremendous growth, with designers and celebrities launching their perfume lines.

Today, men's perfume is an essential element, and the choices are wider than ever.


How to Choose the Perfect Men's Perfume

The choice of men's perfume è a personal process involving several considerations. Your style, the occasion, the season, and your skin type… are all key elements in the search for the right men's fragrance for you.

  • Olfactory Family: Men's fragrances can be divided into various families, including woody, citrus, spicy and oriental. Identify your style and choose a fragrance that suits your taste.
  • Longevity and Sillage: Men's fragrances vary in their duration and the way they expand in space. Some are light and dissipate quickly, while others are more intense and last longer; some are perceived from metres away, while others are more suitable for enclosed spaces or more intimate situations. Remember that if you like a fragrance but find it too much or too little intense, sometimes you just have to change the type of concentration. Try having a look at the different sections of the site: Extrait de ParfumEau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne and Perfumed Water
  • Occasion: Consider the occasion on which you intend to wear the perfume. Light and fresh fragrances are ideal for daytime, while more intense fragrances are suitable for special evenings.
  • Season: The season can influence your choice of perfume. The best men's fragrances for summer are fresh and light, while warmer and more enveloping fragrances are suited to winter.
  • The best men's fragrances for summer are fresh and light, while warmer and more enveloping fragrances are suited to winter. The best men's fragrances for summer are fresh and light.
  • Try Before You Buy: Before you buy a perfume, try it on yourself to see how it develops on your skin and how it reacts to your pH. To do this, you can buy men's perfume samples directly here on 50 ml, so you can test your new men's fragrance wherever you like, and see if and how you like wearing it at different times and occasions.


Men's Persistent Fragrances

It is undeniable that in recent years the trend of “strong” men's fragrances (persistent and with an intense trail) has grown exponentially. But which are the most persistent men's fragrances in the niche?

  • Maison Crivelli Papyrus Moleculaire Eau de Parfum: an afternoon discovering papyrus root powder with a group of tattooed women smoking cigars. A hint of cigar: rebellious sweetness, remnants of laughter. This aromatic fragrance by Maison Crivelli è characterised by a hint of papyrus, a hint of carrot and a touch of indigo, glowing roots, coriander boost, ground amyris, strong feminine characters, dusty skin, peppery tonka. Papyrus Moleculaire Eau de Parfum evokes a milky, woody and powdery papyrus contrasted with deep, rebellious tobacco.
  • Houbigant Ambre des Abysses Eau de Parfum: an aromatic men's fragrance that plunges you into the hidden beauty of the abysses. Faceted and bold, it opens with sparkling notes of Bergamot, Orange Blossom and Mint Leaves. In the aromatic and intense heart, Rosemary, Geranium and Jasmine embrace Patchouli and Amber, and in the base, creamy and emblematic notes such as Vanilla and Tonka Bean blend with Oakmoss and a Leather accord to give vigour to the structure.
  • Baruti Perverso Extrait de Parfum: a sweet men's fragrance, perfect for those moments when you can't help but give in to your most primitive desires. A gourmand and gourmand fragrance, an ambery fragrance for those long evenings that turn into warm nights; Dedicated to all the good things in life, Perverse Extrait de Parfum conveys our most primitive desires through a seductive blend of rum, roasted hazelnuts, cocoa, dark caramel, tobacco, musk and ambergris.  
  • Lorenzo Pazzaglia Carbonara Extrait de Parfum: a symbolic homage to chef Lorenzo Pazzaglia's signature dish. The skilful mix of spices and exotic notes stimulates the wearer's imagination. Coconut and Davana, with their fruity character, blend into the amber sweetness of brown sugar and bourbon vanilla. Sandalwood adds softness and creaminess, while oud creates an unexpected twist. Carbonara Extrait de Parfum è the perfect recipe for a fragrance to amaze.
  • D.S. & DURGA D.S. EDP: an attar is created by co-distilling one or more plants with sandalwood in immense stills. Thus, the perfume is created at the very moment of extraction – a very different process than mixing the separate oils later. D.S.'s is a pure vision of India: Kashmiri saffron, frangipani, gardenia, yellow lotus and damask rose with refined Sri Lankan sandalwood and vetiver.


Famous Men's Perfumes

What are the most popular men's niche perfumes? The choice is a bit tough and you risk falling into repetition…but we at 50 ml didn't give up. Here are the top 5 most talked-about perfumes of the moment

  • Orto Parisi Cuoium Extrait de Parfum: a unisex leathery perfume inspired by a youthful memory of Vincenzo Parisi. Looking to the future, Cuoium is a fragrance that demonstrates love and respect for the heritage of leather, it's a tribute to the courage and strength of will; to move forward, to repair rather than replace. It represents the vision of a modern world that stays in touch with its traditions while treasuring its origins.
  • Nasomatto Duro Extrait de Parfum: is a woody fragrance for men who want to represent the true essence of masculinity, intensifying all its aspects. Woody, leathery, spicy.
  • Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum: a crescendo of fruity notes that precedes the unleashing of patchouli strength, the solidity of birch leathery notes and the tonicity of juniper berries. Pure energy is enhanced by the virility of musk and oakmoss. Aventus represents a man driven by an irrepressible desire to dare, indulging his passions and defying uncertainty to pursue a dream.
  • Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet Eau de Toilette: created in 1902 for the Duke of Marlborough, this traditionally masculine fragrance è of a discreet yet unmistakable elegance, surprisingly able to overcome time. Citrus oils, spices and woods blend to give life to an inimitable fragrance that continually adapts at every turn. Blenheim Bouquet è discreet, sensual, and dynamic: a contemporary classic in pure Edwardian style.
  • Marc Antoine Barrois B683 Eau de Parfum: a spicy men's fragrance of intoxicating sobriety. Ten years after starting Haute Couture, French couturier Marc-Antoine Barrois launched his first perfume: B683. Subtly combining refined woody essences, sensual spicy notes and the intoxicating scent of leather, avant-garde perfumer Quentin Bisch signs a fragrance modelled on the designer's fantasy universe.


Best Men's Perfumes on 50 ml 

Choosing a niche men's fragrance can be a bit complex, but there is one trick: start with the best. But...which are the best men's fragrances in the niche?

  • Orto Parisi Megamare Extrait de Parfum: with this aromatic fragrance, master perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri wanted to exploit the richness and originality of marine notes. The salty accords arouse regenerating and enthralling emotions, release romanticism and make those who breathe them happy. The sea è everything and nothing, recalling an infinite peaceful silence, but also the roar of stormy waves. Considered by some to be the best men's fragrance of the niche in recent years.
  • Nasomatto Black Afgano Extrait de Parfum: among the best men's fragrances, one cannot but mention Black Afgano. This oriental fragrance aims to evoke the finest quality of hashish. It is the result of a research process to evoke an effect of temporal bliss. Notes: Cannabis, Green Notes, Resins, Woody Notes, Tobacco, Coffee, Agarwood (Oud), Incense
  • Matiere Premiere Falcon Leather Eau de Parfum: powerful leathery fragrance inspired by the falconer's glove. It starts with warm notes of Saffron, and as the fragrance develops, the full-bodied note of Birch Tar evokes both aspects of leather. Falcon Leather Eau de Parfum emphasises its powerful, leathery side with Cistus Labdanum from Andalusia and amplifies its soft, suede-like side with Benzoin Absolute.
  • Goldfield & Banks Bohemian Lime Extrait de Parfum: nestled beneath a sunlit canopy of lush tropical rainforest, the scent evokes an image of native citrus trees drawing life from nearby cascading fresh waterfalls. With its invigorating opening of Australian finger lime and coriander, Bohemian Lime reveals blissful base notes of vetiver, cedarwood and sandalwood.
  • Vilhelm To My Father Eau de Parfum: be won over by this unique woody fragrance, created by master perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour. A vertical accord of Whisky with strongly peaty facets linked to captivating and powerful natural raw materials (Oakwood, cabreuva, aetoxylon) on a sweet honey note, which lends sensuality to the entire To My Father Eau de Parfum fragrance. One of the most popular sweet men's fragrances thanks to the perfect balance of its olfactory notes.


Men's perfume is much more than just a simple fragrance. It is an art that allows you to express your personality, create a unique olfactory identity and leave an indelible impression. With the right considerations and careful selection, you can find the perfect men's fragrance for you, an indispensable accessory for your elegance. Choose wisely from the best men's fragrances and let your fragrance speak about you. 

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