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Step Aboard

Step Aboard debuts in Milan in 2018, where it drew inspiration for its initial collection of hair and body perfumes. Its fragrances have an enticing contemporary allure and are expertly designed to provide practicality and versatility, thanks to the unique bottle shape. This fully unisex collection encourages you to experience a new way of perfuming that combines art, fashion, and urban culture! 

Step Aboard
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Step Aboard Perfumes: 3D sul Duomo, Bosco Sospeso, Transitions Gate, and Much More!

Step Aboard is a Milanese brand that made its debut in 2018. Founded by two young visionaries, Georgiana and Daniele, Step Aboard represents an innovative olfactory experience that blends art, fashion, style, and urban culture typical of metropolises. The idea behind Step Aboard originated from the search for an affordable, good, and intuitive perfume designed to be used on both hair and body, adapting to the frenzy of modern life. This unique product combines functionality, graffiti-inspired design, and olfactory emotions, representing a breakthrough in the niche perfume world.

Step Aboard stands out for its versatility and practicality, thanks to a formula specifically designed to be compatible with hair and skin. Its innovative 360-degree dispensing system ensures even distribution of the perfume all over the body, from head to toe, making the act of perfuming oneself a dynamic and contemporary experience. The attention to detail is also evident in the bottle graphics, curated by industry experts and inspired by the urban aesthetics of graffiti: the vibrant and playful colors recall the energy of Milan, while the packaging design is inspired by the spray cans used for graffiti painting, giving the brand a modern and distinctive character.

Experience the entire Step Aboard collection: Cuoio di Thaon, Menta sui Navigli, and many other creations are just waiting to be discovered!


The Step Aboard Collection: The Scent of Metropolises!

Step Aboard presents a unique collection of affordable yet quality perfumes inspired by the metropolises of Milan, London, and Chicago, transforming eight imaginary subway stops into equally evocative fragrances. The Step Aboard perfumes, created under the expert guidance of perfume noses like Bertrand Duchaufour, Luca Maffei, and Morgane Collinot, are designed for quick, continuous, and generous application thanks to the BoV technology (Bag on Valve), which ensures uniform perfume diffusion with compressed air.

Each Step Aboard perfume represents a unique fusion of art, innovation, and urban identity, offering an accessible and unprecedented olfactory experience. Thanks to meticulous research and collaboration with talented perfumers, Step Aboard is more than just an affordable perfume brand: it is a symbol of creativity, innovation, and boldness, destined to conquer the hearts of urban citizens worldwide.


Best-Selling Step Aboard Perfumes on 50 ml


  • Step Aboard 3D sul Duomo Hair & Body Perfume: this niche fragrance is inspired by the famous neon structure designed by Lucio Fontana for the Triennale di Milano, now exhibited at the Museum of the Twentieth Century. A tribute to city frenzy and the art of this famous artist, with woody and spicy notes that evoke the vibrant atmosphere of Piazza Duomo.
  • Step Aboard Bosco Sospeso Hair & Body Perfume: inspired by the Bosco Verticale towering in the Piazza Gae Aulenti area, this aromatic niche perfume celebrates the modernity and creativity of Milan. Green, flowery, and woody notes capture the harmony between nature and architecture, offering a sensation of freshness and vitality to the body and hair!
  • Step Aboard Transitions Gate Hair & Body Perfume: a modern interpretation of urban frenzy in Canary Wharf, London, with woody, leathery, and spicy notes that reflect the dark and blurred landscape of the city. A perfume that encapsulates all the British style and innovation of  London!
  • Step Aboard Cuoio di Thaon Hair & Body Perfume: inspired by the vibrant Via Thaon di Revel in Milan, this intense and persistent perfume captures the essence of the La Fontana district with leathery, woody, and cypress notes. Perfect for lovers of two wheels, both men and women, who appreciate the unique style of this place.
  • Step Aboard Menta sui Navigli Hair & Body Perfume: an ode to the lively atmosphere of the bars in the Navigli district in Milan, with fruity and musky aromatic notes that evoke summer evenings in the metropolis. A perfume suitable for both women and men who want to immerse themselves in the whirlwind of Milan's nightlife.


Step Aboard Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!


  • Step Aboard Sunday Street Hair & Body Perfume: "I was enchanted by Sunday Street: the sweetness of the oriental and gourmand notes wrapped me in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere as if I were really among the colorful streets of Whitechapel! A unique sensory experience!" - Paola
  • Step Aboard Silver Cloud Hair & Body Perfume: "Its aromatic and dynamic notes instantly transported me to Millennium Park in Chicago, enveloping me in a feeling of lightness and vitality. An affordable but excellent perfume definitely worth trying!" - Patrizio
  • Step Aboard Milano Centrale Hair & Body Perfume: "It has become my favorite perfume! The ambery and spicy notes perfectly evoke the warm and enveloping atmosphere of the train station, plus it leaves an intense trail that I absolutely adore!" - Emilia
  • Step Aboard Infinite Square Hair & Body Perfume: "I wear it every day before going out and I always make a great impression! I love its light and feminine notes: they are elegant but never overpowering!" - Laura
  • Step Aboard Black & White Hair & Body Perfume: "The sophisticated and citrusy notes of Black & White won me over from the first spritz, taking me straight to the city of Chicago! Excellent value for money, I am really satisfied!" - Franco


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