Heeley is a brand born from the passion and elegance of its creator, James Heeley. Getting into a whirlwind of emotions has never been easier thanks to these designer fragrances, with attention to every detail, ranging from the summer freshness of peppermint to the spiritual classicism of incense without ever neglecting a touch of refinement.
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Heeley Perfumes

Heeley perfumes take originality to heart - the true mother of all ideas that know how to impress and leave an indelible mark - and, at the same time, are perfect for accompanying all everyday situations, transforming the ordinary into something unique and special. It is this binomial between simplicity and extravagance, between the everyday and the out of the ordinary, that has made Heeley perfumes one of the jewels in the crown of the artistic perfumery world.


James Heeley - History of how the best luxury perfumes are made

Heeley fragrances have put this brand in the crosshairs of many niche perfume connoisseurs. The birth of the maison dates back to 2006, when its founder, James Heeley, decided to create a space in which to give maximum expression to his artistic genius, going in search of an olfactory breakthrough that would change the state of the art forever. Whether he succeeded or not is for posterity to decide! Certainly we can say that, even at the cost of twisting every parameter or going against every trend, Heeley was able to make each perfume a unique product. The careful selection of the best ingredients and their unregulated combination has resulted in a line of Eau de Parfum that truly deserves to be tried, tested, discovered, savoured in all its facets The James Heeley product line today includes a wide range of Eau de Parfum researched and original, and a selection of Extrait de Parfum intense and persistent, designed to amaze even the most experienced and difficult noses. Last but not least, you will find a collection of Heeley Candles, infused with the house's finest fragrances, to make every room in your home a place for olfactory relaxation.


Best Seller Heeley perfumes on 50 ml

  • Heeley Note de Yuzu Eau de Parfum: a unisex citrusy fragrance, born from the first collaboration between Maison Kitsuné and Heeley parfums. The result of this encounter is an eclectic, pop and electronic mix, on a rhythm of multi-cultural notes of yuzu, mandarin, sea salt, vetiver, musk.

  • Heeley Sel Marin Eau de Parfumthis unisex marine fragrance evokes sea breezes and notes of sunshine on the skin. At the top, echoes of lemon and bergamot fade to reveal a heart of sea salt and seaweed, with a surprising base note of cedarwood and musk. Sel Marin EDP encompasses a fresh accord inspired by quiet and holiday moments, those precious ones that predispose to inner peace and infinity.

  • Heeley Cardinal Eau de Parfum: a timeless, oriental unisex fragrance built around the traditional notes of frankincense and cistus labdanum. Cardinal EDP gives a sensation of lightness and purity, gracefully painted by a fresh note of clean linen interwoven with ambergris, patchouli and vetiver that give the fragrance a unique and contemporary elegance.

  • Heeley Athenean Eau de Parfum: this fruity unisex fragrance is inspired by the Mediterranean area where the fig season reaches its peak towards the end of summer. In Greek mythology, Gaia, goddess of the Earth, created the fig tree by transforming her own rebellious son, Sykeus, to protect him from the wrath of Zeus. 'Athenean' is the metamorphosis of the 'Figuier' fragrance, one of the brand's first creations. In this reworking, the emphasis is on fig wood. Aquatic notes of white fig are balanced by warm, milky tones of sandalwood and white musk.

  • Heeley St. Clement's Eau de Parfum: a unisex, citrusy eau de parfum. A traditional Eau de Cologne transformed into Eau de Parfum with a contemporary, fresh and chic style. Inspired by a rhyme from Oranges and Lemons', an English folk song (circa 1740), dedicated to the many bell towers in and around London, including St. Clement's. Oranges, lemons, bergamot and neroli combined with notes of tè Earl Grey and vetiver to create a new English classic.

  • Heeley Mente Fraiche Eau de Parfum: a unisex fougère modern, ultra-fresh and natural fragrance. The quintessential summer fragrance: a squeeze of mint leaves intertwined with a hint of Sicilian bergamot, green tè and white cedar. Perfectly light and easy to wear.


Heeley Reviews: discover our customers' reviews!

  • Heeley Vetiver Veritas EDP: “Great fragrance! A true and satisfying version of the classic vetiver” Paul.

  • Heeley Sel Marin EDP: “Very fresh fragrance with marine notes. For those who like fresh, marine notes that are suitable for every season, and at the same time special, this is THE perfume ” Giorgio. 

  • Heeley Cardinal EDP"Outstanding! Bought for the second time, I confirm the pleasant fragrance...definitely unique. I also discovered an alternative use for the product. it's perfect to perfume clothes as well!” Stefano

  • Heeley St. Clement's EDP: “Fresh, delicate and sunny. To start the day with verve and cheerfulness! ” Piera

  • Heeley Menthe Fraiche EDP: “Great fragrance! A fragrance that is a hymn to spring, but wearable in all seasons because it's a burst of cleanliness and energy.” Roberta


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