Lorenzo Pazzaglia

Lorenzo Pazzaglia
Food and perfumes: Lorenzo Pazzaglia sought the perfect balance between his two great passions, and let them interact with each other. Through his collection of intense and original Extrait de Parfums, Lorenzo Pazzaglia wanted to explore the world of niche perfumes, seeking inspiration in the kitchen! Thus were born innovative fragrances such as Pax, Black Sea and Carbonara.
Lorenzo Pazzaglia
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Lorenzo Pazzaglia perfumes

"I love, dream, imagine, and yearn for all the fragrances of this land" Lorenzo Pazzaglia is a character quite out of the ordinary. Chef, author, master perfumer: his creative flair emerges in several apparently independent fields, which in reality influence and enrich each other.


Lorenzo Pazzaglia: the story

Lorenzo discovered perfumes in his father's kitchen and fell in love with them. Not only did he decide to become a chef, but his love for perfumes was such that he wanted to study them, shape them, create them and spread them around the world. 

With the new experience thus acquired by his nose, Lorenzo starts collecting perfumes, then creating them for himself, for his friends and for the customers of his restaurant. He falls in love with fragrances that sadly end up fading too quickly or not being perceived by the people around him, leading him to experiment with intense, long-lasting scents with a high concentration of essential oils. Soon the general public fell in love with his fragrances, such as the complex perfume Pax, an extraordinary Extrait de Parfum that is almost a self-portrait.


Lorenzo Pazzaglia Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

Lorenzo Pazzaglia Carbonara Extrait De Parfum: a symbolic homage to chef Lorenzo Pazzaglia's signature dish. Coconut and Davana, with their fruity character, blend into the amber sweetness of brown sugar and bourbon vanilla. Sandalwood adds softness and creaminess, while oud creates an unexpected twist. The perfect recipe for an amazing fragrance.

Lorenzo Pazzaglia Dream Sea Extrait De Parfum: the cheerful cocktail of spices and flowers mingles with the vivid green notes of vegetation hidden in the darkness; the seductive scent of salty skin overlaps with precious woods and notes of ambergris and black salt from Cyprus. Dream Sea Extrait de Parfum is mysterious and irresistibly sensual.

Lorenzo Pazzaglia Black Sea Extrait De Parfum: the scent of the restless sea before the storm. Black Sea Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance that unleashes the power of the elements, perfect for those who are not afraid to challenge the force of nature.

Lorenzo Pazzaglia Pax Extrait De Parfum: an olfactory self-portrait in which Pazzaglia reveals himself and his multifaceted personality. The sparkling, cordial opening of citrus and pepper introduces a heart of fruity notes whose sweetness is diluted by crystalline incense. Precious woods and leather provide an unexpected background for a bouquet of white flowers with fruity and spicy nuances. 

Lorenzo Pazzaglia Esco Pazzo Extrait De Parfum: a complex fragrance, created from over 50 raw materials. The bright opening of citrus and pepper creates a luminous explosion of freshness, leading the way to an aromatic spicy heart. The dry down reveals a velvety base of leather, tobacco and amber. A tribute to the classic structure of fougère fragrances enriched with oriental and amber nuances. 

Profumi Lorenzo Pazzaglia Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

Lorenzo Pazzaglia Bloody Smoke Extrait De Parfum: "Simply fantastic. As with all of Pazzaglia's creations, it has a very powerful sillage and an incredibly long-lasting performance. One of my favourites by Pazzaglia". Roberto

Lorenzo Pazzaglia Extreme Passion Extrait De Parfum: "Exquisitely fruity fragrance, fresh, ripe, juicy, delicious fruit. Pazzaglia has by now accustomed us to these magnificent openings that make us immediately fall in love with his creations. I love it, you absolutely must try it!" Carmen

Lorenzo Pazzaglia Evil Angel Extrait De Parfum: "A very special fragrance. The extreme mix of notes within it makes this perfume a perfect combination of fresh, vanilla, floral and even alcoholic notes, incredible." Anna

Lorenzo Pazzaglia Van Py Rhum Extrait De Parfum:"A perfect combination, a splendid and very sensual fragrance. Vanilla is absolutely the master of this warm and enveloping fragrance, the rum and patchouli keep the feminine side of vanilla at bay to create a perfectly unisex scent. Extreme persistence, as well as sillage. Magnificent!" Giacomo

Lorenzo Pazzaglia Sex Sea Extrait De Parfum: "The perfume is very fresh, pleasant and above all pleasant, it tends to please most people around you. An excellent combination of fresh, marine, citrus and sweet notes, as well as floral. Crisp, jaunty, plenty to use during the warm season!" Eli


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