Kilian Paris perfumes are a concentration of stories and emotions. Born from one of France's most famous liqueur-making dynasties, Kilian Paris has been able to transform the sensitivity and vision of its ancestors into a collection of luxurious and revolutionary fragrances, exploring the world of artistic perfumery powerfully and irrevocably. Discover the world of Kilian!

Set Descending Direction

Kilian Perfumes

Kilian Hennessy creates unique, unexpected perfumes that embody the utmost refinement and luxury through stories and emotions. Born into one of France's most illustrious liqueur dynasties, this perfume artist transforms the sensitivity and creative flair inherited from his ancestors and applies them to the world of fragrances. His quest for absolute luxury and his bold approach and revolutionary define the eponymous Kilian Paris brand. Founded over a decade ago, in 2007, Kilian Paris was launched with ten fragrances that tell of sin and innocence, darkness and light: dualities that continue to shape the creations, aesthetics and narrative of Kilian Paris.


The Origins and The Vision

Grown up in the centuries-old Cognac cellars of his family in the southwest of France, Kilian Hennessy finds influence and inspiration in the oak barrels that line the ancient vaults of the Hennessy dynasty. The evaporation of the precious contents of these barrels, known as "Angels' share", makes the air impregnated with sugar, alcohol and wood. It was this very special combination that created the childhood sensory memory that would one day influence the life's work of Kilian Hennessy, who says: "Very often I have the feeling that the smell of these cellars lives on in almost all my perfumes.

While the surname Hennessy recalls famous roots, the name Kilian is the personalisation of passion. His unique life experiences define his creative pursuit and his fragrances are inspired by personal memories. Her heritage, world travels, encounters with artists, exotic flavours, hedonistic spirit and self-confidence are the basis of Kilian's dazzling creative spirit and his approach to perfumes. Kilian Hennessy believes that the perfume is not only a weapon of seduction but also a symbolic armour, a shield of protection from the outside world.

"I want to put perfumery back on its pedestal, going back to the truth about perfume; to the way perfumes were made at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, but adding a contemporary touch. Disrupting traditional French luxury with his daring interpretation, Kilian Hennessy has created his own contemporary vision of French perfumery, while honouring the artisans of the past. A true master of perfume, working closely with renowned noses to direct the creation of each fragrance. Known for his long-lasting accords reminiscent of the luxurious French fragrances of yesteryear, Kilian Hennessy does not compromise on the quality of the ingredients, privileging the raw and rare ones and recalling a rich historic heritage. The resulting fragrances create a passionate dance between the conventional and the unorthodox.

From the dark cognac cellars of his childhood memories to the most elegant evenings in Paris where desires roam free... Kilian explores the space that fragrance touches in a powerful, invisible and irrevocable way. With these fragrances, Kilian Paris creates a bridge perfect between French history, that of the Hennessy family and its own.


Kilian Paris Fragrances

Started in 2007 with ten lively fragrances by Kilian celebrating life's most surprising dualities, to date Kilian Paris offers a menu of over 34 fragrances belonging to five different lines: The Fresh, The Narcotics, The Cellars, The Smokes and The Liquors, all inspired by the olfactory memories of our founder and his passion for nightlife, extravagance and elegance. Kilian Hennessy explores the invisible but powerful dimension created by different fragrances. "I believe that it is important to have a garderobe of perfumes. I choose my perfume of the day based on my mood, the way I am dressed and the personality I want to project."

  • Kilian The Fresh: composed of citrus, aldehyde or aquatic notes, they bring freshness, lightness and a feeling of serenity to Kilian compositions.  The bottles of this olfactory family are embellished with a distinctive Klein blue lacquer and their bottle has been meticulously engraved on each side with a representation of Achilles' shield. A silver-plated metal plaque on which the perfume's name is hand-engraved adds a final note of elegance.
  • Kilian The Liquors: an olfactory family that pays tribute to the rich heritage of founder Kilian Hennessy, heir to the renowned French family of Cognac Hennessy producers. The bottle of perfumes in The Liquors collection is designed like an essential speakeasy, like the art deco glasses reminiscent of the most fabulous bars. The weighted glass is etched with the emblematic K motif to project and catch the light at all angles, finished with a diamond-shaped gold plaque signed in white silkscreen.
  • Kilian The Narcotics: from rose to tuberose, orange blossom to gardenia... Kilian flowers have an addictive effect. The white and gold bottle of the narcotic floral family is covered with a distinctive white lacquer and meticulously engraved on each side with a ceramic bas-relief representing original sin. The name of each fragrance is hand-engraved on a golden metal plaque.
  • Kilian The Cellars: woods in all forms - from sandalwood to cedarwood, patchouli to Vetyver - but always with a Kilian touch: rum, coffee, cocoa, cognac, whisky, to recall the legacy of Kilian Hennessy. The perfume bottles of The Cellars family are embellished with a distinctive black lacquer and their bottle is decorated on each side with a representation of Achilles' shield. A golden metal plaque on which the name of the perfume is hand-engraved adds a further touch of sophistication.
  • Kilian The Smokes: figurative or abstract, Kilian's smokes capture the timeless scent of Bakhoor, incense and tobacco. The bottles of the Smokes family are embellished with a distinctive black lacquer and their bottle has been meticulously engraved on each side with a representation of Achilles' shield. A silver-plated metal plate on which the name of the perfume is hand-engraved makes each scent even more elegant.


The Iconic Design of Kilian Paris Perfumes

The design of each Kilian Paris perfume has been cared for in every detail. Each Kilian perfume line has a unique design, with a hidden meaning. The fragrances of Kilian Hennessy must transmit a rich heritage and history, as must the quality objects that protect them. In fact, for most Killian fragrances, a uniquely stylish object is available, perfect for housing and protecting your precious Kilian fragrance. 

Kilian perfume bottles are refillable indefinitely from the very beginning of the brand's history because according to the master perfumer true luxury lasts forever and is transmitted from generation to generation.


Kilian Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Kilian Discovery Set: the ideal gift for fragrance lovers, a precious invitation to explore the brand's olfactory library. The Kilian Discovery Set consists of eight vials of the brand's most iconic scents: Good Girl Gone Bad, Straight to Heaven, Love, don't be shy, Black Phantom, Rolling in Love, Moonlight in Heaven, Intoxicated and Bamboo Harmony. It also includes a talisman, a uniquely designed black travel spray that will make your journey through the Kilian fragrances even more unique.
  • Kilian Playing With The Devil Eau De Parfum: ardant, flirtatious and fierce, Playing with the Devil is unforgettable. The essence of peppery allspice berries inflames the essence of blood orange and rose-tinged lychee fruit. Creamy sandalwood in the base lends a smoky quality, for a playful touch on an outrageous encounter. Playing with the Devil Eau de Parfum will seduce you. 
  • Kilian Rolling in Love Eau de Parfum: an addictive intimate cocoon. This fragrance is a Musc de Peau, which captures the feeling of being so intoxicated by love that it almost seems to get under your skin. Rolling in Love is more direct and less multifaceted than its previous fragrances: the Eau de Parfum Rolling in Love is a white perfume, which develops different textures along the trail of the fragrance with notes of ambrette seeds, almond milk, iris and musk. 
  • Kilian Back To Black, Aphrodisiac Eau de Parfum: languid honey and sweet spices mingle with the mysterious essence of smoky incense and vanilla absolute, making Back to Black an aphrodisiac, nourishing and addictive. Blue chamomile and cedarwood are veiled in smoke. A note of sandalwood creates a harmony of gourmand tobacco: a real thrill for the senses. 
  • Kilian Apple Brandy on the Rocks Eau de Parfum: a blend of bergamot, apple brandy and cardamom, the accord refreshes the eight-year-old original, adding excitement and modernity. This fresh opening unfolds into the perfume's main personality: a distinctive apple brandy accord in which a fruity, sparkling blend harmonises with the famous amber liquid, recreated using notes of rum, musk and vanilla. On a central structure of cedarwood and ambroxan, the fragrance brings sophistication into the night. 


Kilian Perfumes Reviews: Discover our customer reviews!

  • Black Phantom Eau de Parfum: "A dark, enveloping, persistent, sensual scent. The gourmand notes are very restrained. It recalls a glass of rum served in the best tradition with a few squares of dark chocolate. Although it is unisex, I particularly recommend it among the Kilian perfumes for men, or for a woman with a strong and decisive character. I like to combine it with the scent of a good cigar for an explosive mix." - Gabriel
  • Kilian Angel's Share Eau de Parfum: "For me, the best Kilian perfume ever. Kilian Angel's Share perfume is winter in a bottle: a glass of Cognac drunk in front of the fireplace in a mountain chalet, while the sweet, spicy smell of mulled wine rises in the air. Angel's Share by Kilian Paris is a complex fragrance that does not go unnoticed. It is surprising how many compliments I have received for this perfume." Dante
  • Good Girl Gone Bad Eau de Parfum: "A fresh, light, versatile floral scent... I love it! I use it every day. Very little is needed to get that perfumed aura I prefer, so it's affordable despite the fact that you can be fooled by the price. The Kilian Paris perfumes I've tried so far were all great, but for me as a minimal style girl they can be overpowering...whereas this one is ideal." Alice
  • Kilian Love, Don't Be Shy Eau de Parfum: "My third perfume by Kilian, and I'm delighted with it: Love, Don't Be Shy is a phenomenal fragrance. There aren't many Kilian perfumes for women, but I find them all wonderful...and this one most of all. I find that it fully represents the most feminine idea of women: a rich sweetness, not cloying, with a sensual undertone whispered by amber. My partner is now addicted to it, so I think it will become one of my most used perfumes." Adeline
  • Straight to Heaven Eau de Parfum: "After reading reviews about Kilian men's perfumes I finally decided to buy this little wonder. It didn't grab me immediately, but I soon had to reconsider: as the top notes disappeared, I began to perceive an increasingly pleasant fragrance around me, which won me over. When worn, it has a very good persistence without being unpleasant for those around me; a subtly sensual fragrance that I have been told makes people want to get closer to smell it. Suitable both in the office and in more fun situations' Marco


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