Ecooking was born from the peculiar idea of Tina Søgaard to create skincare in the kitchen. Tina's great experience in the cosmetic field allowed her to create the first products at home and test them on her skin. Soon, her creations became popular through friends and family. This is where Ecooking was born, a product line rich in organic ingredients!
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Ecooking: clean skincare from Denmark

After a major personal crisis, Tina Søgaard notices that her skin is suddenly tired, dull and grey in colour. After an important weight loss, the situation became even worse. she decided to start from the kitchen at home to get her skin condition back on track and put the pieces of her life back together. Thanks to many years experience in the industry, Tina is well acquainted with the types of ingredients that can be used to improve the skin: she brings home the raw ingredients from the laboratory and thus begins to mix creams, serums and oilson the kitchen table. Thus were born the foundations of Ecooking.


Tina Søgaard and the beginnings of Ecooking

In a short time, Tina noticed the first visible results on her skin, and soon the home-mixed products quickly became popular with relatives and friends, who received them in reused bottles and jam jars and asked her for specific formulations for their needs. Ecooking's first 'production' consisted of seven products for personal use, which was soon expanded with products all created on the basis of specific needs. Each product is a problem solver. For Tina, helping others solve their skin problems was a real therapy and the thought of creating a brand was still far away. But soon word spread and companies and beauty centres began to contact her: for the founder it was an opportunity to help even more people. Thus was born Ecooking, the Danish skin care line rich in organic and natural ingredients that makes no compromises in terms of effectiveness.


Features of the Ecooking skincare brand

Ecooking's values are honesty and transparency: for the brand it is essential that all labels accurately state the content of the products, which is why each product has a name that simply and accurately indicates what it is. The products are designed to guarantee visible efficacy and contain as many natural and organic ingredients as possible. Ecooking promotes organic and natural products with care for the skin and the environment, thanks to reusable packaging and affordable prices. Each individual product is developed with a specific challenge in mind, so the selection is wide enough to address any skin problem and meet every need, and every age, whether wrinkles, acne or redness. A skincare line that offers that feeling of well-being while knowing how to keep it simple and clean, without too many complications. Ecooking creates products that take care of all skin types, whether you are a man, a woman, and even for the little ones: the skin of men in fact needs care just as much as that of women – especially cleansing and moisturising. In addition, many of the Danish brand's products are available fragrance-free, so they can also be used by children, from the fragrance-free Multi Oil to the anti-acne serum for the problematic skin of teens.


Skincare Best Seller Ecooking on 50 ml

  • Hand Soap: This hand soap delicate cleanses and perfumes the skin without irritating or drying it out. It is easy to use thanks to its convenient dispenser. Its scent of orange, lavender and rose makes hand washing a pleasantly relaxing.
  • Sunscreen Face SPF 30: A face cream that cares for your skin and takes away all your worries while you're in the sun. This sun cream with protection factor 30 protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays while preventing UVA and UVB rays. Its formula is enriched with Swedish seaweed and Aloe Vera to soothe and moisturise the skin and counteract the effects of pollution.
  • Shower Gel: A gentle, cleansing shower gel with an irresistible scent of orange, lavender and rose.  The Ecooking shower gel has a high content of organic glycerine and cucumber extract which make the skin radiant and have softening properties which makes the shower gel also ideal as a shampoo. After showering, always apply a lotion or body cream to moisturise the skin.
  • Seawater for Hair: The perfect product for creating beach waves beautiful, voluminous, super wavy waves. Seawater For Hair gives hair the same matt finish and beautiful waves as a dip in the sea. Its formula contains a blend of natural sea salt, organic Roman chamomile and provitamin B5. Thanks to its numerous minerals, sea salt gives the hair nourishment and volume, while Roman chamomile protects it from free radicals and provitamin B5 nourishes and moisturises it. This hair spray features UVA protection and anti-pollution to protect your hair at all times. It smells deliciously of flowers, green leaves and a hint of citrus and is suitable for all hair types.
  • Vitamin A serum in Capsules: Vitamin A serum strengthens the elasticity of the skin, promotes cell renewal and prevents the first signs of ageing. Vitamin A helps the skin combat pimples and imperfections, acts intensively on pigmentation and ensures an even skin tone. This capsule serum è suitable for all skin types, to be applied every evening before night cream or as an anti-ageing moisturising treatment morning and evening for 60 days. This serum is a small but extremely powerful, we therefore recommend caution: it has been developed to address specific needs and specific skin problems.


Skincare Ecooking Reviews: Discover our Customer Reviews!

  • Hair Mask: “This mask has a wonderful, slightly citrus and floral scent. It nourishes the hair deeply and does not need to be applied, perfect for when you are in a hurry and want to use a 2-in-1 mask conditioner” Sabrina
  • Overnight Foot Cream: “A super refreshing cream that deeply nourishes the feet. I use it when I have very dry feet, leaving it overnight with socks on. In the morning I have dreamy feet! ” Maria
  • Hand Soap 02 with scrub: “A super scrub soap. I like to keep it in the kitchen because ité è the only one that can really remove odours and gently exfoliate the skin to leave hands soft and smelling great! Perhaps to be avoided if your skin is too sensitive” Nicola
  • Men Facial Cream: “I am in love with this cream. Simply fantastic. It moisturises so much without leaving the skin greasy, and the tone improves noticeably. To try.” Jacopo
  • Day Cream: “A day cream that has all the essentials and nothing more: it moisturises and nourishes the skin without leaving it greasy, minimises wrinkles and improves skin tone. Exactly the everyday product I was looking for" Sofia

And you, have you already chosen your favourite Ecooking product? If you haven't yet been won over by Tina Søgaard explore other products and let yourself be won over by their irresistible scent. Do you have any doubts about your skin or which product is best for you? We are here to help: contact our Customer Service. Continue searching for the best creams and serums for your skincare routine and the best products from the niche by exploring our catalogue. Explore the best hair products and the best home fragrances on 50 ml. We remind you that at you can buy online samples of all perfumes. Free samples on request with every order.