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Transforming the non-existent into reality, finding uniqueness in the connection between opposites: the fragrances of Haute Parfumerie by Laurent Mazzone, a French nose of Italian origins, are mystical journeys to discover the unknown. The inexhaustible artistic research and an immortal passion for the unexplored give the fragrances a magical and sensual soul, an essence that leaves behind a powerful yet singular trail, out of the ordinary.
LM Parfums
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Laurent Mazzone - LM Parfums

When you think of LM Parfums, you think of sensuality, intense and passionate. The Haute Parfumerie fragrances of Laurent Mazzone, a French nose with Italian origins, are a true transformation of the non-existent into reality, a mystical journey to discover the unknown. His unflagging artistic quest and immortal passion for the undiscovered are the keystones that give his fragrances a magical and sensual soul, an essence that leaves a powerful and singular wake out of the ordinary.


Features of Laurent Mazzone 

LM Parfums è a timeless story. A quest for the new and the absolute, dedicated to refining the splendid raw materials of the Robertet Group to produce only the best. Instead of seeking the easy and the new at all costs, Laurent Mazzone takes the time to innovate, venturing off the beaten track. Each fragrance tells a story, drawing on the designer's inspirations to reveal itself. Exploring the molecules of the entire olfactory spectrum, LM Parfums focuses on oriental notes, rich in colour, sketching out opulent and sophisticated perfumes, charged with undeniable sensuality. A creativity that feeds on the world of fashion and music, driven by the richness of formulas and the intensity of concentrations. Perfumes dressed in luxurious cases, with occasional hand-carved details. A contemporary, experimental and engaging story, which is also found in the sumptuous candles of our collection.


Bestseller Perfumes Laurent Mazzone on 50 ml

  • Dulce Pear Eau de Parfum: A homage to Laurent Mazzone's origins, Dulce Pear gives us the scent of Italian charm. A plunge into the heart of orchards, in a country where la dolce vita è considered an art. A fruity floral scent chiselled around notes of pear, the warmth of fruit bathed in sunshine. With the freshness of green apple, the pear reveals its soft, sweet flesh, held together by a hint of musk.
  • Pure Sensual Orchid Parfum: A soft, rich cocktail, where the sumptuousness of almond and heliotrope meets the elegance of peony and white cedar. Saffron and star anise unsettle the sweetness of Sensual Orchid with a torrid, sensual kiss.
  • Kingkydise Parfum: A fragrance with irresistible sensuality. Sexy as a mischievous smile, its apparent freshness will lure you into its trap. A feast for the senses, linked to heart notes of rose and lychee. Burning base notes, tinged with musk and wood, envelop you in a sensual embrace. Unmistakably unisex, a libertine fragrance that overturns gender conventions to plunge us into an intimate and exhilarating world.
  • Red d’Amour Parfum: Red d'Amour speaks the language of passion. The passion of love at first sight, the passion that electrifies and excites, making two people vibrate as one. Morello cherry notes implore you to bite into it, building an atmosphere of unbridled desire around it. The impatience of bodies burning to devour each other. Pink berries and saffron season the game of seduction, the velvety texture of the perfume, soft as lace, tells the story of first embraces.
  • Veleno Doré Parfum: Enveloping woody notes of patchouli and tobacco leaf, shaped by a touch of rum, interwoven with nutmeg and chilli pepper. Vanilla, amber and almond-flavoured cherry enrich the heart notes of this warm and sensual fragrance.


Laurent Mazzone Opinions: Read our customers' reviews

  • Aqua Ginger Eau de Parfum: “A unique and fresh spice: ginger, cardamom, pepper… a delicious wonder” Giovanna
  • Arsenic Osman Extreme Parfum: "Leathery, fruity and with a vintage character. Persistent and with a trail that never ends.
  • Neroli Eau de Parfum: “Orange blossoms in their most sensual… facet while remaining luminous and light. I adore it” Eleonora
  • Citron Caviar Eau de Parfum: “A perfect fragrance for summer days, fresh and intriguing” Michela
  • Aldheyx Eau de Parfum: “A unique and sought-after scent of cleanliness, and I stress hard to find. Perfect, elegant, for the few. A niche perfume that leaves a wake” Annamaria

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