Fragonard makes simplicity an art and quality a rule. Created through centuries-old techniques and traditions among the boundless lavender fields of Provence and the citrus trees of the Côte d'Azur, Fragonard perfumes are characterized by the fresh top notes and floral bouquets typical of French fragrances, with a few surprising and out-of-the-ordinary exceptions.
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Fragonard Parfumeur

Unique, sophisticated and amazingly French: Fragonard perfumery knows how to win over even the most difficult noses with its luxurious yet essential fragrances. The combination of the finest ingredients harvested amid the rich fields of Provence and the care and dedication typical of the transalpine perfumery combine to give incredible olfactory results that are so pleasant they feel like a second skin. Fragonard perfumes are an excellent choice for those who want to start discovering the world of niche perfumes, thanks to their excellent quality-price ratio. Discover the entire Fragonard collection: perfumes, face and body creams, scented candles, room diffusers, and body care products!


The Story of Fragonard

Where is the beautiful Maison Fragonard located? Fragonard is a perfume maison founded in Grasse (in the South of France), in 1926. Its tradition combines the knowledge of the best Provençal perfumery with modern avant-garde to create iconic yet essential fragrances. All Fragonard perfumes are inspired by the delicacy and decorum typical of the French south coast, which for centuries has been emblematic of the most refined elegance, to the point of being universally recognized as the seat of taste of the French courts. The fame of Fragonard perfumes initially spread thanks to word of mouth carried by the many tourists from all over Europe, who began to circulate the name of the maison, singing its highest praises, in the early 20th century; many travelers, in fact, decided to take away with them a delicate Eau de Toilette or a more intense Fragonard Eau de Parfum as a souvenir of their dream trip to the warm French Riviera, so that they could evoke the delicious smells of a magnificent journey at all times. And it was amidst this aura of enchantment that Parfumerie Fragonard defined its core values. But where does the Parfumerie Fragonard get its name? The maison owes its name to the famous Grasse painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806), author of the famous painting “The Swing”: it is to him that Eugène Fuchs, founder of the maison, decided to pay homage. In fact, upon his arrival in Grasse Eugène was astounded as much by the welcome the town reserved for him as by the refinement of the artistic heritage (dating back to the 18th century) preserved there. The solid foundations on which he founded the Fragonard brand are the same ones that, a hundred years later, enable its perfumes and products to still stand out today, thanks to an excellent connection of originality and tradition. The Fragonard product line today includes not only perfumes, but also soaps, accessories, candles, room diffusers, and face and body creams of the highest quality. 


Fragonard Perfumes

Fragonard's fragrances collection is enchanting and incredibly rich: from the best Eau de Parfum, to the pleasant Eau de Toilette, to the more intense Extrait de Parfum, all Fragonard fragrances are distinguished by their French touch of class. Fragonard experiments with floral, citrus, marine, sweet and leathery notes…in short, with everything that perfume has to offer! In doing so, the Grasse-based maison has created a collection of timeless, essential and refined olfactory emotions, in a word: unforgettable! Fragonard fragrances are presented in a simple and neat packaging: each perfume is associated with a precise hand-drawn decoration, which is taken up not only on the bottles, but also in the outer packaging. Fragonard perfumery is a continuous surprise both for those who already know it and for those who are discovering it for the first time: from scent to scent, one is guided to the discovery of new olfactory universes and the result is…on the skin, to be smelled anytime! Not sure which fragrance to start with? Place an order on 50 ml and request at check out some free Fragonard samples and start discovering French perfumery!


Fragonard Skincare and Lotions

Fragonard doesn't stop at perfume! For several years now, the Grasse-based maison has introduced a line of skincare for the face and body of the highest quality, thanks to the winning combination of the best natural ingredients growing in the fields of Provence and the careful study in the laboratory of formulations that can be easily absorbed by the skin, ensuring nourishment and hydration. In combinations with the best Fragonard fragrances and scents, the Grasse skincare line is a breath of fresh air for skincare lovers! 

Fragonard body creams are also a little treat not to be missed: thanks to their velvety textures and heavenly fragrances, Fragonard body creams are ideal not only for daily skincare, but also for layering! You can use Fragonard moisturizing lotions in combination with your favorite Fragonard Eau de Parfum to intensify it (if you choose the same fragrance) or to bring a unique fragrance to life by combining complementary olfactory notes. You can play with the Shower Gels and the Fragonard Soaps as weel for a 360-degree sensory experience. Finally, for shaving aficionados, Fragonard has come up with a line of Aftershave balms, available in all of the maison's best men's fragrances.


Fragonard Candles, Room Diffusers and Sprays

The Grasse-based maison's product line offers a wide selection of candles and scented home diffusers infused with Fragonard's finest fragrances. Thanks to a careful refinement, all Fragonard home fragrance products prove to be actual home-decor pieces, capable of adding a touch of personality to the spaces you love to spend your time in. Choose a room diffuser and a scented candle for every room in the house and immerse yourself in the world of Fragonard!


Fragonard Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

Do you want to find out which Fragonard fragrances are the most loved by our customers? Here are the top 5 best-selling Fragonard fragrances on 50 ml!

  • Fragonard Fleur d'Oranger EDT: the essential elegance of the orange blossom is underpins one of Fragonard’s most famous Eau de Toilette ever. The fresh top notes created by combining orange blossom with neroli stand out thanks to their juxtaposition with the citrus of the heart notes. The fixing element is a fresh musk, which, diluted its olfactory power in the sweet notes of honey, is a candidate to be the best companion for Fleur d'Oranger, creating a simple and fresh fragrance that will make you want to run to Grasse.

  • Fragonard Etoile Parfum: this floral Extrait de Parfum is like a bewitching the top, lemon, apple and bergamot are spiced with ginger, while the heart distills a harmony of gardenia, lily of the valley and jasmine, enhanced on the bottom by cedar, amber and musk.

  • Fragonard Belle Cherie EDT: a bouquet of flowers and fruits, interwoven with precious woods, a hymn to carefreeness dancing in the air. Tangerine and carambola open the curtain, releasing freshness and vitality. In the heart, jasmine, heliotrope and lily of the valley intertwine like promises of bright days, a bouquet of blooming emotions.

  • Fragonard Diamant Parfum: this Extrait de Parfum glows with dazzling mystery and leaves a brilliant trail of desire. Tangerine and orange at the top, open up the voluptuousness of rose, jasmine and plum in the heart, before a vanilla base of patchouli, musk and caramel settles on the skin, sublimating the scent.

  • Fragonard Belle de Nuit Parfum: an original composition that combines fragrant flowers and fruit in a rich, deep accord, supported by a warm, velvety base of musks. A magical and precious the last of the Arabian Nights!


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