Japanese Skincare

Japanese skincare is a holistic ritual with a tradition dating back thousands of years that aims at physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It is based on three principles: simplicity with a few effective steps, ideal beauty for soft, glowing skin, and serenity through massages that relax and prevent aging. Discover the secrets of Japanese skincare and be won over by the timeless beauty of traditions!   

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J-Beauty: everyone’s talking about it, everyone’s looking for it... and today we reveal all its secrets! If you're searching for a simple skincare routine that is accessible, and capable of making your skin softsmooth, and velvety like a peach, you're in the right place! Discover J-Beauty and fully immerse yourself in the timeless charm of Japanese culture!  


What is J-Beauty?

Japanese skincare, like Korean skincare, boasts a millennia-old history! Its origins date back to the 6th century, during the Nara period, and – today as in the past – it represents a true holistic ritual aimed at achieving total well-being of the “self”, both physically, mentally, and spiritually. The role of water is also fundamental: always present in Japanese skincare, it has been a key element in Japanese tradition for millennia as a symbol of inner and outer purification!  

In particular, J-Beauty is based on three principles:  

  • Simplicity (kanso): J-Beauty is characterized by few, simple steps, yet with great effectiveness, and traditional natural ingredients such as tea, rice, camellia, algae, and bamboo. 
  • Ideal beauty (shibui): according to the Japanese, ideal beauty is ethereal, simple, elegant, and minimalistic. The goal for J-Beauty is not to achieve the famous glass skin of Korean skincare, but to attain the so-called “mochi skin,” a soft, plump, and naturally luminous skin (like the famous Japanese sweet)!  
  • Serenity (seijaku): we are the reflection of what we have inside. Inner peace, in fact, is fundamental in Japanese beauty rituals. Therefore, every product is applied following precise movements and massages to stimulate circulation, relax, and even prevent skin aging!  


Korean Skincare vs Japanese Skincare

Although similar in some respects, J-Beauty and K-Beauty have some key differences you should absolutely know:  

  • Approach: Korean skincare aims for perfection through layered and innovative products, while Japanese skincare sees each step as a ritual, prefers simplicity, and has a more minimalist philosophy! 
  • Skincare routine: K-Beauty favors a more elaborate routine with many steps, whereas J-Beauty prefers fewer steps and is oriented towards achieving long-term results (in short... slow and steady wins the race)!  
  • Ingredients: both Korean and Japanese cosmetics use traditional ingredients from their own cultures! In Korea, ingredients like centella asiatica and ginseng extract abound, while Japanese cosmetics feature primary ingredients such as tea, rice, and camellia!

There is no better skincare: the important thing is to find the right beauty routine for you (and your skin)!  


Japanese Skincare Steps

In the Japanese skincare routine, simplicity is everything: "Less is more", as they say. J-Beauty consists of 5 fundamental steps:  

  • Double cleansing: this step is of paramount importance in J-Beauty and is approached almost religiously! It is the key to purifying the skin and body at the beginning and end of the day, ensuring that every product applied afterwards works effectively! 
  • Toner (or moisturizing lotion): the Japanese toner (also called lotion) is meant to balance the skin's pH and soften it before the subsequent steps!  
  • Face serum: with a light texture and fast absorption, it further enhances the results of the Japanese face cream to be applied next!  
  • Moisturizer: hydrating and made with natural ingredients, the Japanese face cream is a crucial step to achieving the desired mochi skin!  
  • Sunscreen: to keep the skin young and free of imperfections for a long time – from a young age – the Japanese protect themselves from the sun with umbrellas, hats and sunscreen!  

Fewer steps, however, shouldn't make you think Japanese cosmetics are less effective than Korean or Western skincare: the goal of the Japanese beauty routine is to achieve softethereal skin with natural beauty that lasts over time!


Japanese Skincare Brands to Try!


  • Saborino: the Japanese brand for those who simply don’t have time for skincare! Saborino offers sheet masks for morning and evening, enriched with a blend of 30 beneficial ingredients for your skin, allowing you to complete your beauty routine in the time it takes to drink a coffee!
  • Momopuri: this Japanese brand harnesses the hydrating and nourishing power of Japanese peaches to create effective, relaxing, and fun facial products! Additionally, they are infused with a pleasant fruity fragrance that will make your skincare routine even more delightful!
  • AHA Cleansing Research: here, cleansing is paramount! Embracing the almost sacred role that facial cleansing holds in Japanese culture, AHA Cleansing Research specializes in this fundamental first step of the Japanese beauty routine, formulating facial cleansers specific to every skin type!


Best Japanese Skincare Products on 50 ml!

After exploring the main Japanese skincare brands and understanding the philosophy behind J-Beauty, it's time to discover the best Japanese skincare products available at 50 ml!


  • Momopuri Moist Barrier Lotion: a hydrating facial lotion for all skin types, it is light and quickly absorbed! With lactobacillus and ceramides, it strengthens the skin barrier and boosts hydration, while amino acids, vitamins C and E provide youthful, even-toned skin!
  • AHA Cleansing Research Wash Cleansing R: a cleansing mousse for dry skin, enriched with AHA and fermented rose honey. It gently removes dead skin cells and prepares the skin for the next steps in your skincare routine! Contains fruit-derived AHAs for deep cleansing and hyaluronic acid for hydrated, firm skin!
  • Saborino Morning Facial Sheet Mask Sakura: an illuminating sheet mask for tired and stressed skin, completing your beauty routine in just 60 seconds! With extracts of cherry blossom, rosehip, and strawberries, it cleanses, tones, and hydrates the skin, giving it a fresh and radiant appearance. Perfect as a makeup primer, it prepares the skin to face the day!
  • Momopuri Moist Barrier Cream: a restorative facial cream that preserves and restores the skin barrier, preventing dryness and maintaining hydration. Enriched with ceramides, vitamins C and E, and retinyl palmitate, it nourishes and protects the skin, leaving it soft and velvety!
  • Saborino Good Night Sheet Mask: a regenerating sheet mask for all skin types that works in just one minute to give you all the hydration you need. With ingredients like chamomile, lavender, and orange peel oil, it plumps and tones the skin while you prepare for bed. Ideal for tired and dry skin, this mask envelops the senses with a delicate scent of chamomile and orange!


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