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Step 7 of the Korean Skincare Routine, that is the application of the Face Mask, is a real beauty pampering that invites us to take time for ourselves. Take advantage of the seventh step to adopt the Korean way of thinking about Beauty: see the Face Mask not as a simple cosmetic, but as an act of inner and outer care!

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Step 7: Face Mask

Relaxation, Calm, and Serenity: these are the three key words to describe Step 7 of the Korean Skincare Routine! The step dedicated to applying the Face Mask is a true beauty treat, designed to take our time and relax. This step fully represents the K Beauty philosophy, which views the Skincare Routine as a ritual of external and internal well-being. Korean Face Mask require its time: it should be applied carefully and left on for at least a quarter of an hour. For this reason, we invite you to experience Step 7 in serenity and enjoy the moment without rushing: focus on yourself, on your body, and your soul, just like they do in South Korea!


How Korean Face Masks Work on the Skin

Face masks are very popular cosmetics worldwide and have been in our homes for many years. Only recently, however, have we approached the world of Korean Face Masks, thanks to the boom of interest in K Beauty. What sets Korean Face Masks apart from others are their highly effective formulas, developed by Korean professionals with years of experience. These treat the skin deeply, addressing existing issues or preventing potential imperfections. Korean Face Masks come in different forms; here are the two most loved ones:


  • Sheet Masks. These are single-use masks, usually made of cotton, cellulose, or hydro gel, soaked in serum. These cosmetics are highly loved in South Korea due to their effectiveness (the adhesion of the fabric to the skin increases the absorption of active ingredients).
  • Cream Masks. These typically come in tubes or jars. They usually contain enough product for several applications... That's why it's important to keep an eye on their expiration date! (If you've always asked yourself "Do face masks expire?" well...yes they do!) Though less popular, Cream Masks are still very loved due to their ease of application.


Furthermore, Korean Face Masks can also be distinguished by their functions on the epidermis. For example, a purifying face mask contains formulas specifically designed to absorb excess sebum (a common situation for oily skin) to prevent impurities. A hydrating face mask, on the other hand, aims to make the skin soft and silky, a boon for dry skin. Korean face masks contain highly sought-after ingredients: you must have heard of flaxseed face mask or green tea face mask while exploring the K Beauty!


How to Properly Perform Step 7 of the Korean Skincare

Here is a super intuitive guide to perform the seventh step of the Korean Skincare routine. By following these simple instructions, the Face Mask step will be a breeze!


  • Frequency: perform step 7 at least once a week or as needed. Remember to be consistent with the application; only this way can you see the desired results!
  • Time of Day: both Morning and Evening are fine, but since this step requires some time, you may find it better to do it in the evening when you are more relaxed and ready to take time for yourself!
  • Application Method: if your mask is a sheet mask, rub the package between your hands (as if you wanted to warm it up) to distribute the serum evenly. Then, take out the mask and gently place it on your (previously cleansed) face. If it doesn't adhere perfectly, cut a few spots with scissors: this will help avoid creating folds! If your mask is a cream or mousse, apply two dollops on the palm of your (clean) hand and gently spread the product on the face and décolleté (again, the skin must already be cleansed!).
  • Rest Time: generally, Korean face masks should rest on the skin for 15 to 20 minutes. Check the packaging of your cosmetic: the exact resting time for that specific product is indicated in the usage instructions!
  • How to remove it: just gently remove the mask from your face (if it's a sheet mask) but do not rinse off the product: let the skin absorb it completely. This is the most common method, as most masks are leave-on. For safety, however, check the usage instructions on your cosmetic's packaging!


NB: Remember to use the excess serum left in your mask's packaging, apply it to your hands, neck, and décolleté, or directly onto the mask, to not waste a drop of product! To avoid undesirable reactions, always do an allergy test by applying some product to a less sensitive part of your body (usually the inner elbow). Only when you are sure you do not have allergies to the mask's ingredients, proceed with the application on your face. Last but not least: the idea that burning is a sign of a cosmetic's effectiveness is a myth! If you feel a burning or tightening sensation during the mask's resting time, you should remove the cosmetic: evidently, your facial skin does not tolerate some ingredient in the formula.


Best Korean Face Masks

Here are the best Korean face masks on the market, standing out for their quality and effectiveness!



Korean Face Masks: 50 ml Customer Reviews

Below, you can find comments from our Customers about the Korean face masks they have purchased and used. We hope they can help you choose the perfect face mask for you!


  • Thank You Farmer Saccharomy Brightening Star Mask. Elena, 38 years old: "I love this mask! After the application, my skin is visibly brighter and hydrated. I recommend it especially to those who have tired and stressed skin."
  • Skin1004 Centella Quick Calming Pad.Marta, 25 years old: "These face patches are perfect for my sensitive skin. After using them, my skin is calmer and more balanced!"
  • Skin1004 Centella Watergel Sheet Ampoule Mask. Angela, 55 years old: "Really fantastic face mask for sensitive skin! Centella soothes and prevents redness to which I am used. For me it is absolutely approved!"
  • Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Cotton Mask. Luca, 23 years old: "This mask is a real dream for dry skin. The cotton fabric is very comfortable and the ultra-moisturizing serum leaves the skin nourished and plumped. I use it at least once a week."
  • Mixsoon Master Deep Barrier Mask. Francesco, 33 years old: "I really like this mask because it not only deeply moisturizes, but also leaves a feeling of freshness on the skin. It became part of my weekly routine."


Every step of the Korean Skincare Routine has something to offer: step 7 gives us a moment of well-being that we all need in these hectic years. Let’s take a break and pamper ourselves as we deserve, not only with the Korean Face Masks, but also through all the other 10 steps! On 50 ml you will find many cosmetics suitable for this purpose: Oil Cleansers, Foam CleansersExfoliators, Facial Toners, Facial Essences, Eye CreamsMoisturizers, and Facial Sunscreens... The best of Korean Skincare and much more!  Also, find out our Niche Perfumes selecion and dive into a world of amazing fragrances. Don’t forget to follow us on InstagramTikTokFacebook, and YouTube. Also, subscribe to our Newsletter: this way you'll always be up to date on Skincare and Artistic Perfumery. See you soon!