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Amber Oriental

Oriental perfumes transport us on a unique sensory journey to distant worlds and mysterious and fascinating cultures. They are incredibly sensual, enveloping and hypnotic, as they are characterized by notes of amber, vanilla, resins, Patchouli and irresistible spices! Let yourself be conquered by this fantastic olfactory family, and discover with us the best oriental perfumes in the niche, both for women and men!

Amber Oriental
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Amber Oriental Niche Perfumes: A Complete Guide

What a fantastic land is the Orient! Join us and be guided through a one-of-a-kind sensory journey where the art of perfumery masterfully blends with the magic of distant, exotic, and mysterious worlds. If you are curious to learn about the history and characteristics of oriental perfumes, you will soon have all the answers you seek! With us you will find the best niche oriental perfumes for women and men: remember that you can always buy samples online on our website to try them in the comfort of your own home!


What is an Amber Oriental Fragrance?

Oriental perfumes (also known as "amber perfumes"), with their fascinating history and enticing aura, are truly works of art in the world of perfumery. Among the early successful fragrances in this olfactory family are Habanita by Molinard from 1921, one of the first oriental perfumes to incorporate vanilla into its olfactory composition, and Shalimar by Guerlain from 1925, a women's perfume considered today to be the archetype of the oriental accord. Over the years, the press of the time has always associated these fragrances with women of intense, exotic, and elusive charm and with distant worlds full of fascinating and mysterious cultures. Today, the situation is not that different: oriental perfumes are still linked to the ideas of opulence, voluptuousness, and often femininity (even though, as we always say, perfumes have no gender). Oriental niche fragrances encompass a true symphony of Amber, Vanilla, resins, Patchouli, and spices, giving a fragrance an unparalleled charge of sensuality, warmth, and elegance. When should you wear oriental perfumes? Thanks to their hypnotic nuances, these perfumes are ideal for refined and intimate evenings, where the only thing that matters is to engage and caress the senses of your significant other (or of the one you want to captivate). Furthermore, due to their intensity and longevity, these fragrances are perfect to wear during the colder seasons.


The Best Amber Oriental Perfumes for Women: Create Your Discovery Set

Discover with us the best artistic oriental perfumes for women, and be enveloped by their soft and mysterious sensuality. In this selection you will find amber oriental perfumes, woody oriental perfumes, and much more! Ready to discover the best of the niche? Choose your favorite fragrances, create your own discovery set, and try them wherever you want!


  • Tauer L'Air du Désert Marocain Eau de Toilette: an enchanting sensual, feminine, oriental woody perfume of rare beauty. With its enveloping power and sensuality, it represents a pure sensory experience, transporting you to the midst of the soft, warm desert dunes, while you watch the moon rising shyly on the horizon. Already considered a classic in niche perfumery, this woody oriental fragrance is an ideal choice for those seeking a unique and unforgettable scented experience.
  • Jovoy Ambre Premier Eau de Parfum: don't let appearances fool you! This ambery oriental niche perfume cleverly conceals its true nature under a sweet and sugary surface, but after a while it will reveal to you an opulent and passionate essence. This sensual amber fragrance is a promise of lust and warmth, ready to enchant you. Try it and you'll see! 
  • Maitre Parfumeur Et Gantier Ambre Précieux Eau de Parfum: an authentic gem among oriental women's fragrances, a treasure that will enchant you with its inimitable opulence. This niche oriental fragrance is a sumptuous and rare creation, built around Ambergris (a raw material prized in the world of perfumery). Around it, precious balsams elevate the composition even higher, making Ambre Precieux EDP a true perfumed must-have. 
  • Maison Crivelli Ambre Chromatique Extrait de Parfum: this niche amber perfume conveys all the beauty of exploration, accompanying us in the midst of a jungle trekking session in search of precious ingredients. Its amber fragrance is a symphony of sublimely contrasting moments, at times dry, spicy and luminous, at other times liquorous, warm and sensual.
  • Byredo Slow Dance Eau de Parfum: a niche oriental fragrance that will take you on an olfactory journey to discover your deepest origins. At first, you will be greeted by the sweet and soft notes of Opoponax, an olfactory ingredient with ancient roots. The Cognac accord, on the other hand, emphasizes the sensuality of the fragrance while revealing an enigmatic and elegant personality, enveloping you in a warm and sensual embrace. We love it!


The Best Amber Oriental Perfumes for Men: Create Your Discovery Set

Want to spice up your style? Then try adding a sensual and elegant oriental scent to your collection! If you don't know where to start (or you're just looking for a little inspiration), you'll find the best oriental fragrances for men in this selection: let their hypnotic warmth win you over! Buy samples, create your own discovery set and have fun trying them all :)


  • Penhaligon’s Cairo Eau de Parfum: this woody amber fragrance by Penhaligon's is an ode to the majestic city of Cairo, bringing you on a timeless journey of cultures and traditions. The opening of the fragrance is warm, bright, almost dazzling. This light accompanies us to the comforting heart of Rose that gently cuddles us, ending in the fragrance's base, made of precious woods and Patchouli. An eternal story, told by the finest raw materials, worth experiencing at least once!
  • D.S. & Durga Amber Kiso Eau de Parfum: And now we're off to Japan, with a one-way ticket courtesy of D.S. & Durga. Amber Kiso EDP takes us to Japan's ancient forests, home to sacred trees whose precious wood is used in traditional religious ceremonies. This setting inspires a niche oriental fragrance that captures the mysticism of ancient Japan and turns it into a one-of-a-kind olfactory experience exploring nature's and spirituality's secrets.
  • Initio Oud for Greatness Eau de Parfum: the central element of this creation is the natural essence of Oud wood, perfected and masterfully handled in this bold formula. Its notes blend harmoniously with the intensity of Patchouli and the sensuality of Musk, creating a superb and surprisingly natural structure. The nose has cleverly introduced a touch of freshness, with a delicate note of Lavender, and a spicy nuance, thanks to Nutmeg and Saffron, giving this men's oriental fragrance a unique character.
  • Parfums de Marly Habdan Eau de Parfum: an extraordinary oriental fragrance that embodies the perfect balance of strength and sophistication. Ideal for men looking for a niche fragrance that expresses their unique character, Habdan EDP shows all its personality with powerful notes of Saffron and Frankincense, which gradually give way to more fragrant notes of Apple, Rose and Agarwood, and a charismatic base of warm Amber, Maltol and Opoponax. 
  • Molton Brown Labdanum Dusk Eau de Parfum: a precious niche fragrance that captures the essence of the Orient with mastery. In the top notes, majestic contemporary Cedar Leaves emerge for an intense and refined opening. In the heart, rich spirals of Patchouli add depth and complexity. In the base this fragrance reveals its true character, with a distinctive note of rare Oud blending with Labdanum, creating an undeniable aura of opulence and sensuality.


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