diptyque presents itself with an unmistakable style: the oval and other geometric figures enclose simple yet never banal fragrances that continually hark back to Greece, the cradle of culture and the arts. For 60 years diptyque, thanks to its olfactory 'accidents', has been giving us phenomenal and unexpected fragrances, together with candles, body products, ambience and much more!
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diptyque perfumes

The elegance of diptyque perfumes is undeniable, iconic, unforgettable. If you have ever seen a diptyque perfume bottle, it will certainly stick in your mind, thanks to its essential and fascinanting French lines. Nothing is left to chance with diptyque perfumes: the attention to the smallest details can be seen both in the formulation of the fragrances and in the refinement of the packaging. Enter the world of diptyque and discover all the most famous Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum of the Parisian maison!


The history of diptyque Paris

  • The founders: the secret of diptyque’s iconic uniqueness is the special alchemy between its founders: Christiane Montadre-Gautrot, Yves Coueslant and Desmond Knox-Leet. Their meeting set off a chain reaction, a creative wave that still spreads today. At the time, Christiane had just finished art school, while Desmond was painting: the two soon formed a partnership to produce decorative motifs for the fabrics and wallpapers of wealthy English homes. Thanks to some mutual acquaintances, they soon got to know the young Yves Coueslant, who had narrowly escaped a career as a banker to devote himself to the theatre.

  • diptyque's boutique: the first boutique, which appears on Boulevard Saint-Germain at number 34 in Paris, overlooks the street just like the works composed of two panels, typical of the Italian Renaissance or Flemish masters. It is the ideal setting for their shop of beautiful things. The name chosen is also perfect: diptyque.

  • The name diptyque: a name written like on the pediment of an ancient temple. Observed closely, the disorder of the letters breaks the mould of classical rigour and at a glance there is no shadow of doubt: it reads diptyque. The logo is the work of Desmond Knox-Leet. The name diptyque is pronounced simply, straightforwardly, but the logo is like a stumble, wreaking havoc among the letters. The reason? There is nothing more fascinating than that which is imperfect, unexpected. And yet, in the end, the word is in front of your eyes, white on black, instantly decipherable.

  • The diptyque logo: the history of the oval diptyque logo goes back to the textile origins of the maison and is a direct reference to ancient Rome: the elongated shield of a Roman soldier of the praetorian guard, in fact, decorated one of the first diptyque fabrics. Guided not so much by the vis of war but by a passion for ancient culture, our peaceful founders turned it into a label. In the centre of the oval appears the chosen heraldic coat of arms - a censer - symbolising their new profession as perfumers.


diptyque fragrances

  • diptyque Eau de Parfum: all diptyque fragrances are unique. The Parisian maison decided to create a collection of diptyque Eau de Parfum, recognisable by the iconic oval black label.

  • diptyque Eau de Toilette: each diptyque perfume is also available in its Eau de Toilette version, which is fresher and more drinkable every day, and in some cases, like Do Son Eau de Toilette, even more sought-after than its corresponding Eau de Parfum! Discover the whole line of diptyque Eau de Toilette: ideal for those who are thinking of buying a diptyque perfume for the first time.

  • diptyque Solid perfume: a good niche perfume line cannot be without a solid perfume line, perfect to carry with you on your travels or in your handbag, to easily reapply your favourite diptyque perfume wherever you are! The finely decorated packaging makes diptyque solid perfumes a true collector's item.

  • diptyque Hair Perfume: diptyque Hair Mists are the answer for those who want to wear perfume really all round or for all those who struggle to wear classic Eau de Parfum without getting a headache. All diptyque hair perfumes are designed to leave a delicate fragrance on your hair, without drying it out.


The diptyque ambience line: candles, room and car diffusers, room sprays

  • diptyque candles: are you looking for a luxury candle that smells elegant and simply delicious? diptyque has the answer! The diptyque candle line is the perfect solution for those who wish to purchase a true interior design object, elegant and iconic, infused with all the best diptyque scents.

  • diptyque room diffusers: make your home cosy with diptyque room fragrances. Discover the entire line of elegant home and car diffusers and infuse your space with the best diptyque fragrances.  

  • diptyque room sprays: all diptyque room sprays are ideal for freshening up spaces in the home or office. Deliciously infused with diptyque fragrances, the French maison's room sprays also feature an elegant, minimalist glass design and are perfect for spraying in the air or on fabrics, thanks to their delicate formulation (however, it is recommended that all diptyque room sprays are sprayed at least 30 cm away from fabrics such as curtains or sofas). 


Skincare diptyque: face and body products

diptyque didn't stop at perfumes and decided to launch a line of top-quality products for the face and body, the result of a painstaking process of research and selection of the best natural ingredients and the most effective formulations to give your skin spa treatments at home.

  • diptyque face & body creams: the maison diptyque has developed a wide selection of face creams and body creams that are ideal for nourishing and protecting the skin on every occasion. Among the body care products, you can also try diptyque hand creams and lip products, for a truly complete diptyque skincare routine.

  • diptyque Shower gel: designed to make shower and bath time a truly sensory experience, diptyque shower gels are infused with emollient ingredients and the finest diptyque fragrances.

  • diptyque Facial Masks and Facial Toner: complete your skincare routine with diptyque facial masks and refreshing toners for natural and balanced skincare.


Best-selling diptyque perfumes on 50 ml

  • diptyque Eau Rose Eau de Toilette: an ode to the rose in all its parts, from the petals to the green leaves, right down to the stem, not forgetting the buds. Eau rose is an Eau de Toilette inspired by the rich odour of damask and centifolia roses.

  • diptyque Do Son Eau de Toilette: this fragrance was inspired by Yves Coueslant's childhood in Vietnam, in Haipong, a port of Tonkino in northern Indochina. Not far from there, in the seaside resort of Do Son, his father had a pagoda built where he spent pleasant days by the sea. It evokes memories of that place dominated by hints of flowers, particularly tuberose, much loved by Coueslant's mother.

  • diptyque Philosykos Eau de Toilette: desmond Knox-Leet and Yves Coueslant used to spend their summer holidays in a house in Greece near Mount Pelion in Thessaly. These many trips to Greece inspired Philosykos Eau de Toilette, literally “friend of the fig” in homage to Plato, who believed this plant had the power to strengthen intelligence. Along the paths that led to the sea, a clearing dotted with wild fig trees and all around the scent of their fruit.

  • diptyque Tam Dao Eau de Toilette: Tam Dao is reminiscent of the scents of temples and forests, the mist and tropical torpor of Tonkino. For its sensual and enveloping scent, sandalwood is the most sought-after of the sacred woods.

  • diptyque Orpheon Eau de Parfum: this Eau de Parfum evokes the smoky atmosphere of the night bar named Orphéon, near the diptyque boutique at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain. Described as an intoxicating perfume, Orphéon by diptyque è was created with a powdery effect, recalling tobacco smoke, traces of powdery blush and the polished wood of the bar that inspired its creation. 


diptyque Home Care and Body Care Best Seller Products on 50 ml

  • diptyque Softening Hand Wash: a lavender-based, gentle, soothing, restorative liquid hand soap. Softening Hand Wash gently cleanses and soothes the hands, giving them softness.

  • diptyque Baies Candle: a bouquet of roses and blackcurrant leaves is the ideal companion to the eau de toilette L'Ombre dans l'eau. Building on more than 50 years' experience, the diptyque perfectionist perfected the art of candle-making on the basis of its best fragrances, discovered all over the world. All diptyque candles are created with high quality plant essential oils to guarantee purity and unique fragrances.

  • diptyque Baies Diffuser: The pungent freshness of freshly harvested blackcurrant berries is at the heart of this room diffuser. Their green, aromatic scent blends with the lively, flowery accents of the rose. Baies Reed Diffuser's facetted glass vessel plays with light and reflection, creating a prismatic effect in which the slender rattan canes appear multiplied.

  • diptyque Velvet Hand Lotion: Delicate, enveloping, emollient. This delicate cream was created from an exceptional ingredient: the golden flower of Corinth, symbol of eternity. Hands are nourished and protected, enveloped in a veil of light and impalpable perfume.

  • diptyque Car Diffuser: Intimate and aesthetic, the diptyque car diffuser uses an innovative cold diffusion system. Simply attach it to the ventilation grille to release the emblematic notes of diptyque's finest fragrances.

  • diptyque 34 Boulevard St Germain Candle: a woody and charming olfactory work, encased in a refined white container with an opalescent finish. This container discreetly and harmoniously bears the distinctive oval of the iconic Diptyque fragrance, whose name evokes the address of the original boutique in Paris.


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