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Aromatic scents include all those aromas that we usually find in the garden, and are characterized by fresh, country and lively olfactory nuances. Lavender, rosemary, basil, mint and thyme are just a few of the aromatic notes that make up this olfactory family. Discover with us the best aromatic perfumes for men and women, and be won over by their wonderful energy!

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Niche Aromatic Perfumes : a Complete Guide

If you've always wondered what the meaning of “aromatic scent” is, you've come to the right place! Aromatic scents encompass all those aromatic notes that take us back with our minds to the orchards of our grandparents, filled with fresh and fragrant herbs. In particular, we find aromatic plants typical of the Mediterranean basin, such as lavender (the undisputed icon of this olfactory family), basil, rosemary, sage, mint, and thyme. Aromatics herbs, unlike spices, are used fresh: for this reason, they give a niche (or designer) fragrance a more vibrant and energizing touch! 

A curiosity? Lavender was used, since the time of the Romans, for the personal hygiene of the body, arriving - in the 1700s - in homes as a 100% natural room perfumer! Starting from the 20th century, however, it had an explosion of popularity within the perfumes

Aromatic notes fit wonderfully in both perfumes for men, and perfumes for women. We recommend aromatic perfumes in spring and summer, when the air warms up and smells of fresh flowers and freshly cut grass. However, there is no absolute rule: you can wear aromatic perfumes whenever you like! Discover with 50 ml the best aromatic perfumes for men and women, and be won over by our niche fragrance selections! If there are any aromatic fragrances that intrigue you, remember that you can always buy samples to try them at home at your leisure!


Aromatic Perfumes for Men: Create your own Discovery Set

Discover with us the best aromatic perfumes for men that can win you over with their fresh, clean notes! Find your favorite niche scents, buy samples online and create your own scented discovery set


  • Laboratorio Olfattivo Cozumel Eau de Parfum: the Nose of this magnificent aromatic and woody men's perfume has captured the soul of Mexico, skilfully blending the aromas of fragrant plants with the virile scent of male skin and the enveloping scent of a remote island's untamed air. This incredible aromatic niche scent enchants us with a powerful olfactory symphony that alternates between freshness and warmth.
  • Lorenzo Pazzaglia Esco Pazzo Extrait de Parfum: Lorenzo Pazzaglia had a perfect vision of this aromatic scent, giving us an image that seemed to escape reality. Esco Pazzo EXT masterfully revisits the classic structure of fougère perfumes, enriching it with aromatic notes, oriental nuances, and amber tones. More than fifty raw materials, each with its own history and personality, come together to create a crazy niche perfume!
  • Orto Parisi Viride Extrait de Parfum: the Orto Parisi collection is inspired by life in the garden, a childhood memory so dear to the creator Alessandro Gualtieri. In its niche scents, it seeks to evoke the aromas and smells of the earth, the body, animals and herbs. In short, the smells of life. In Viride - from Latin, green - herbaceous and woody green notes come to life, while hay and lavender, with their aromatic, relaxing and gentle scent, gently calm our senses. 
  • D.S. & Durga Burning Barbershop Eau de Parfum: an aromatic men's niche fragrance that evokes a barber shop invaded by the flames of a fire. Shaving tonics burn, releasing fragrant scents into the air. Among the rubble, the cooked resin reveals all that was once fresh and inviting: the lively brightness of Lime, the transparent purity of Lavender, the joy of Rose, the lingering freshness of Mint and the enveloping sweetness of Vanilla.
  • Simone Andreoli Ocean of a Midnight Moon Eau de Parfum: Simone Andreoli, with this aromatic fragrance, is inspired by a mysterious night sea caressed by the white light of the moon. Ocean of a Midnight Moon EDP is a niche perfume that enchants the senses with its refinement, a rich and seductive olfactory melody that releases all its power through marine nuances and aromatic flashes of fresh Mint. 


Aromatic Perfumes for Women : Create your own Discovery Set

Discover with us the best aromatic perfumes for women, and be won over by their sensual, fresh and enveloping appeal. Treat yourself to the luxury of exploring the enchanted world of niche fragrances, and find the ones that will become your travel companions. Choose your favorite artistic fragrances, buy samples online, and create your own discovery set!


  • Molinard The Basilic Eau de Parfum: a niche perfume that combines the serenity of Tea leaves grown in the Indian state of Assam with the freshness of herbs grown in the south of France. This splendid aromatic scent opens with citrus notes of Lemon and Bergamot, and then meets the more reassuring nuances of Green Tea and the more fresh and energizing ones of Mint and Basil. For us, one of Molinard's best niche perfumes!
  • Essential Parfums Mon Vetiver Eau de Parfum : in this aromatic fragrance the protagonist is the Vetiver root. Around this ingredient each note is a story to tell and an emotion to explore. Like an unexpected encounter under the moonlight, Gin gives this fragrance a touch of vibrant freshness, while the aromatic notes of Lavender give it a more clean and attractive touch. Give it a try if you are looking for one of the best woody and aromatic fragrances with character and personality.
  • Byredo Mixed Emotions Eau de Parfum: this aromatic fragrance is like a sensory journey through human emotions, an ode to the beauty of individuality and diversity. Byredo has always sought to translate fragmented memories and abstract ideas into immersive olfactory experiences with its niche perfumes, transporting us to unique scented worlds. This trend is revealed perfectly In Mixed Emotions EDP, where the comforting notes of Mate intertwine with the sharp sweetness of Blackcurrant, creating a wonderful contrast, which is revealed in a woody setting.
  • Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling Eau de Toilette: a niche perfume to use “irresponsibly”. Inspired by London Dry Gin, this aromatic scent pays homage to the Roaring Twenties, transporting you to the glittering nightlife that characterized those years full of life and transgression. Juniper, Angelica, Pepper and Cardamom are just some of the ingredients that make up this simply phenomenal frozen cocktail.
  • Meo Fusciuni #2 Nota di Viaggio Shukran Eau de Parfum: Shukran - in Arabic, thank you - is an aromatic fragrance that celebrates life, travel and the joy of meeting new people on one's path. Meo Fusciuni, with this niche fragrance, wants to tell us about his travels in Morocco, and he does so inspired by the sacred ritual of mint tea. If you are looking for an energizing, joyful and very fresh feminine fragrance, #2 Shukran Travel Note is one of the best aromatic perfumes you can find!


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