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Perfume atomizers are essential accessories for niche fragrances lovers and a practical and elegant solution for having your favorite fragrance with you at all times. Here you will find not only travel perfume atomizers of the best brands, but also books and magazines to deepen your knowledge, and stay updated on what is happening in the world of artistic perfumery.

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Atomizers for Perfume and Olfactory Magazines

The search for the perfect fragrance in the huge world of niche perfumes is an ongoing sensory trip. But how can we ensure that our favourite essence follows us wherever we go? This is where perfume atomizer come in, stylish and useful instruments that allow any artistic fragrance fan to carry their own niche perfume with them at all times. Our selection has not only portable perfume containers from the top brands, but also the olfactory magazine , the ultimate reference for fragrance aficionados. Every six months, "Nez" encourages us to explore the world through our senses, presenting a unique interdisciplinary approach that mixes art, literature, science, history, photography, and, of course, perfumery


What is a Perfume Atomizer and Why is it Useful? 

Very often, we find ourselves in situations where a touch of fragrance is a must, whether it's for an important meeting, a romantic evening or a work meeting. That's why a travel perfume holder is a valuable accessory, which can offer numerous benefits:


  • Convenience with style: perfume holders are an elegant and discreet solution to always have your favorite niche fragrance on hand! 
  • You can carry perfume on the plane: with airport restrictions, carrying a full size perfume bottle in your suitcase can be a problem. Perfume atomizers are the perfect solution, because they comply with airline regulations and allow you to take your favorite perfume anywhere! (If you're wondering how many ml of perfume you can carry on a plane, the answer is not more than 100 ml)
  • 100% refillable: atomizers for perfume are designed to be filled countless times. Once you run out of perfume, you can simply choose a new fragrance to take with you. It's an easy way to change fragrance whenever you want!  


How to Pour a Perfume into your Atomizer

Relax! Pouring a niche perfume from a traditional bottle to your portable perfume atomizer is very easy, you just need a hint of patience and dexterity. Here we have a simple and fast guide to help you out in this process:


  • Choose the atomizer: start by selecting the perfume atomizer you prefer from the various models available. Make sure it is clean and dry before proceeding.
  • Get your favorite niche perfume: remove the bottle cap and check the vaporizer type. Most modern perfumes feature a spray.
  • Help yourself with the right tools: a small funnel will be enough to make pouring much easier. Make sure it is clean to keep the essence of the fragrance unchanged!
  • Gently pour the perfume: place the funnel in the neck of the perfume holder and start gently vaporizing the perfume. 
  • Close it carefully: once you have finished pouring, be sure to close the atomizer carefully to avoid accidental spills!

N.B. Many perfume atomizers also have a special hole in the bottom that allows you to refill them even more conveniently by attaching them directly to the perfume bottle!

That's it! Now you are ready to take your favorite niche perfume wherever you go :) 


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