La Collina Toscana

La Collina Toscana

La Toscana è una regione ricca di arte, che incanta i visitatori con le sue colline verdi e i boschi romantici. La linea di profumi La Collina Toscana cattura la bellezza e i profumi della regione, offrendo fragranze originali e di alta qualità, unite ad un'esperienza estetica unica grazie ai suoi eleganti flaconi. Un omaggio alla bellezza della Toscana.

La Collina Toscana
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La Collina Toscana

Tuscany is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, with a wealth of art, culture and breathtaking scenery that make it unique. The green hills, romantic holm-oak forests and rows of cypress trees create fascinating scenery, while the flowering balances of poppies, irises and sunflower fields are a riot of colours and scents that leave those who admire them breathless.


Features of La Collina Toscana

This product line is a veritable olfactory and artistic jewel, offering original fragrances captured from nature and skilfully blended to create Eau de Toilette of the highest quality. Each perfume in the "La Collina Toscana" line is a unique sensory experience that allows you to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere and scents of Tuscany.In addition, the "La Collina Toscana" line not only offers products of the highest quality but also a unique aesthetic experience thanks to its elegant bottles and the attention to detail in the choice of materials. In this way, This brandcombines the beauty of the products with the beauty of the objects, creating an unforgettable olfactory and visual experience.


Bestseller Products La Collina Toscana on 50 ml

  • Borgo delle Stelle Eau de Parfum: The balsamic, floral and chypre alchemy gives life to a unique and unexpected fragrance. The flowers of rose, jasmine and ylang-ylang unite in a dance of scents with saffron, creating a joyful and vital heart of iris, violet, heliotrope and cypriol. This fragrance invites one to discover a "memory" of woody nuances, musk and vanilla, leaving an unforgettable sensory experience.
  • Corte Belfiore Eau de Parfum: The oriental accord of this fragrance is characterised by warm tones and rich opulence. The initial notes of red berries and plums, with a hint of "praline", merge with a tenacious, floral and spicy heart, dominated by ginger, cinnamon, jasmine and orchid. This fragrance is rounded and uncompromising, enriched in the base by the woody aromas of patchouli and sandalwood, softened by the touch of vanilla and incense. An intense and seductive fragrance, perfect for those who love spicy and oriental fragrances.
  • Loggia dei Mercanti Eau de Parfum: This fragrance è a bold and woody essence, deep and seductive. Oudh wood, the absolute protagonist, is sublimated by the multiple olfactory facets of cedarwood and sandalwood. The result is a warm, intriguing and sensual jus with a resolutely oriental character that lifts the spirit to ancestral destinations. This fragrance is perfect for those who seek an intense and mysterious fragrance that conveys a sense of depth and exoticism.
  • Papavero delle Balze Eau de Toilette: The start of this fragrance is sparkling and voluptuous, thanks to the succulent notes of pomegranate, persimmon and blackcurrant. In the heart of the jus, the freshness of rose and magnolia combines with the intensity of black orchid and red poppy, generating warm and luminous scents. The base notes are seductive and intense, enhanced by amber, violet and musks, leaving a lasting impression. All this is sealed by mahogany wood and gourmand accord, creating a fragrance that is both sweet and sensual, fresh and intriguing.
  • Poggio in Fiore Eau de Parfum: A bright and joyful fragrance, vibrant with white flowers and vanilla. Frangipani and tiaré, stolen from exotic sunlit gardens, announce a delicate heart of jasmine and orange blossom which, suffused with an accent of caramel, fades into an enveloping sillage of musk and vanilla.
  • Vicolo del Sellaio Eau de Parfum: This fragrance is decidedly masculine and develops into a harmonious and refined oriental and leather accord. The fresher top notes of thyme, saffron and raspberry are combined with the sophisticated elegance of incense and jasmine, creating a crescendo of warm leather, amber and vanilla accents that give body and character of great elegance. This fragrance is perfect for the refined and elegant man who seeks an intense and seductive fragrance capable of expressing his personality in a unique and unmistakable way.

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