Escentric Molecules

Escentric Molecules
Escentric Molecules is to artistic perfumery what the industrial revolution is to modern history. Thanks to the work of Geza Schoen and the other Escentric Molecules noses on molecular and natural components, these surprising and inexplicable fragrances, which adapt to the wearer and surprise the senses, were born: a molecular revolution that has shocked modern perfumery!
Escentric Molecules
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Escentric Molecules, the essence of molecular fragrances 

Escentric Molecules starts with an olfactory molecule that does not exist in nature. Iso E Super è was created in the laboratory in 1973, and although è present in relatively low concentrations in the base of many popular fragrances, è remained unknown outside the perfumery world until the launch of Escentric Molecules. When perfumer Geza Schoen first smelled the Iso E Super molecule isolated from the rest, he realised that it was the note he had always been looking for.


Escentric Molecules: History of a House

Schoen began experimenting, creating fragrances that contain Iso E Super in unprecedented proportions. One evening, going out for a drink with a friend, he suggested spraying only the aroma-molecule: it was a successful. So he decided to create two fragrances as a tribute to this intoxicating molecule. One fragrance would contain an unprecedented 65% of the molecule, and the rest of the formula would be composed of ingredients designed to emphasise its characteristics. The second fragrance would go much further: it would contain only the Iso E Super molecule. 


Features of Escentric Molecules

Since its launch in 2006, Escentric Molecules has been a phenomenon. Schoen with Escentric Molecules began creating man and woman molecular fragrances: 02, 03, 04 and, in 2020, a fifth pair, Escentric Molecules 05. Each pair focuses on those rare aromatic molecules that have the luminosity and depth of character to stand alone. Each pair of fragrances is created like the first: Escentric perfumes emphasise the unique character of an aroma-molecule with other notes that enhance its main facets, while Molecules are radically minimalist and contain no other notes but the aroma-molecule in purity. The next step was to add a +1 to 01, an equally minimalist combination: the 01 + molecule, flanked by notes of Mandarin, Iris and Patchouli respectively.


Bestselling Escentric Molecules on 50 ml:

  • Discovery Set M+: the Discovery Set M+ by Escentric Moleculecontains all +1 fragrances. Molecule 01 è an exceptional molecule: radiant, velvety, enveloping and mysteriously effective on its own. But what happens when the molecule is paired with another note? The set contains: Molecule 01 + Patchouli, Molecule 01 + Iris, Molecule 01 + Tangerine
  • Escentric 01: A molecular perfume with a very high percentage of Iso and Super (65%) combined with notes ofpink pepper and lime. A perfume that evolves very quickly and then settles on the molecular base note, succeeding in disrupting the classic sequence of head, heart and base. A perfume light, pure, transparent, summery and unisex, with woody, citrusy and musky notes.
  • Molecule 01: An extremely revolutionary fragrance: it contains a single note from the laboratory. More than a perfume, it is a true effect that works on a pharmonic level. The imperceptible velvety and woody notes fade and resurface over time, giving the wearer an indefinable radiance.
  • Molecule 02: Like the other Molecules in the series, 02 è a fragrance composed solely of Ambroxan. A niche perfumefresh and sparkling, with a luminous hint and a pleasant hint of bitterness.
  • Escentric 02: Fresh, sparkling and very elegant at the same time, Escentric 02 unleashes the uniqueness of the iris and vetiver accord. Other notes include Ambroxan, of course, and then elderflower, hedione and muscone.


Escentric Molecules Reviews: our Customers' Reviews:

  • Escentric 05: “In my opinion è an aromatic scent that is quite complex and at first glance may remind you of lemongrass, but if you pay attention you can smell the individual notes. I love it because it's not like anything I've ever smelled before. In the middle of summer it lasts on my skin for about 7 hours and projects so much for hours” Giorgia
  • Escentric 03: “A pleasant and modern Vetiver. The pepper and ginger notes give that extra touch to the scent, a must try if you are a Vetiver fan. Its inconspicuousness makes it definitely an everyday, office fragrance" Luca
  • Molecule 03: “composed entirely of Vetiveryle Acetate, è a really interesting fragrance. Although the woody base remains stable, a hint of bitter grapefruit emerges at times, then black pepper, then grapefruit again but sweet, then spices, and away we go again without ever being able to really call it”Azzurra 
  • Escentric 04: “A background of sandalwood and top notes of grapefruit and citrus, sweetened by flowers that I would call modern, definitely something to blow your mind! Excellent persistence especially on clothes” Michela
  • Escentric 04 Body Wash: “A wonderfully textured and fragrant body wash. Usually the scents of body washes last for nothing, but instead this one… I smell notes of pure sandalwood, fresh and bitter top notes of pink grapefruit peel, lime zest, juniper and pink pepper. Delicious” Nora

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